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by Thita Prapaskankoson, 20-year-old member of Little Candles Methodist Church, Thailand.

Hello everyone. My name is Thita Prapaskankoson. But you can call me Golf. I am 20 years old. I was born in a Christian family but my faith was not strong. When I was in boarding school, I was a stubborn student. I quarrelled with friends and I did not want to study. Until one day, a Christian teacher came to talk to me and encouraged me to go back to God and brought me to a Christian camp. After that day I came back to God and my life improved! I could understand what the teacher had taught me. I did not quarrel with my friends anymore. Instead, I had made more friends.

When I returned to Phrao, I felt far from God again. But, God worked through one lady. She invited me to join her church, which was the Little Candles Methodist Church, but I rejected her invitation. Two years later, when I tried to look for a boarding house to stay and study, I met this lady again. And I was sure that God was calling me back to Him.

Since then, I had been staying at the Little Candles boarding house where I could feel that God was teaching me a lot about loving others. Every morning, the dorm leader would share a Bible passage with me before I went to school. I had learnt how to serve the people in church and it had strengthened my faith. I joined the worship team to sing and I had been cooking for Sunday service lunch sometimes. I am so happy to use the gifts that God has given me to serve.

Golf teaching in Sunday School.

About two years ago, I was having so much pain in my waist that I could not walk or sit properly. I was worried. I went to the hospital for a check-up but the doctor said that there was nothing wrong. I kept on praying to God and asking for His healing. One day, the pain was gone miraculously. I learnt that I needed to trust in the Lord. He is the best doctor and He has His own timing for me.

As for my future, I will trust him with whatever that may happen in my life as it is in His will. God is my Lord and I will always trust in Him and rely on Him in everything that I do and everywhere that I go. I will live my life according to His Word. May He be glorified.


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Dear Golf, Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey, and the manner in which you felt God's leading to where you are today. By His grace, He is providing you opportunities to know and serve Him.better. Be encouraged, be inspired, be joyful as you walk closely with Christ. And I pray that God will open new doors for you to grow deeper in your faith top!

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