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- Proclaim His Wondrous Works

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Proclaiming 25 years of God's Wondrous Works

An MMS history book edited by Juliette Arulrajah and was launched on 27 August 2017. It is a compilation of 265 testimonies from missionaries, national workers, and volunteers who have supported MMS over the past 25 years.

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Blessed to be a Blessing: 
The Methodist Missions Society Singapore

An MMS history book was written by Robbie B. H. Goh and was launched on 15 February 2014. It charts the establishment and development of MMS which is devoted to the catalytical mobilisation, strategic development and the conduct of missions especially outside Singapore where no Methodist church exists.

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A Guide for Training Teachers


A book, "Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL): A Guide for Training Teachers" by Dr Grace Hsu, was launched on 29 October 2011. This guide, specifically designed for training teachers of English in the mission fields, is the outcome of the author's broad experience in training EFL teachers in Taiwan and the MMS target mission fields the past 14 years. Combining sound pedagogical knowledge, practical wisdom and extensive resources for teachers, this guide answers the question of how to help learners gain proficiency in the four language skills including instructional strategies and materials on teaching vocabulary, classroom management, action-based approach, and setting up a learning corner.

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Missionary Development Fund

The Rev Dr Clarence Lim Missionary Fund was launched on 23 August 2015. The fund will provide financial support for MMS' leadership development among our serving missionaries as well as potential Methodist candidates committed to serving full-time in MMS mission fields.


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Member Care

Here are some practical ways to care for our missionaries. Contact us if you need to discuss more.