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DM Missionary
The Diaspora Ministry (DM) missionary, who will be based in Bangkok, Thailand, is part of the ministry team who provides leadership, guidance, administrative support, and co-ordinate programmes and activities with DM students, working in consultation with MMS Area Director and Diaspora Ministry Supervisor.


Roles and Responsibilities:
•    Reach out to Chinese tertiary students and make disciples.
•    Support their spiritual growth.
•    Develop and implement discipleship, outreach programmes, and activities.


The person we are looking for:

•    3 – 5 years of missions related experience.
•    Passion to reach out to the Chinese Diaspora.
•    Evidence of administrative experience.
•    Supported by local church.
•    Takes initiative, acts with confidence, and works well independently.
•    Strong interpersonal skills and proven ability to build relationships.
•    Verbal and written communication skills.


If you are sensing that God is calling you to serve as a DM Missionary with Methodist Missions Society, Singapore, please email or call 64784818. Thank you.


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MMS invites you to sign up and become an INTERCESSOR with us and pray alongside us. You will receive our "PrayerConnect" prayer booklet every four month and our "Pray for MMS in 60 seconds" prayer email regularly about once a month.



MMS provides widening opportunities in the harvest fields - evangelising, equipping and nurturing new believers, making disciples, establishing mission endeavours, and church planting.


We believe it is God's timing for The Methodist Church in Singapore to move up to the forefront of missions. With more Spirit-led 'open doors' before us, let us step forward to join other Methodists in missions to touch and transform lives of those needing the Lord Jesus Christ.


Mission Partners & Volunteers (MPV) is a special group of people who are willing to be used by God - to bring His blessings with a greater potential at a larger extent of outreach!

You can be an MPV (Mission Partners & Volunteers) too!




The fields are ready for harvesting – but there are so few labourers. In the seven countries that MMS is serving, we continue to be needful for the following:

Full-time missionaries. We are asking the Lord to send pastors, church planters, ministry workers, mentors, and teachers.
Short-term workers who are able to spend between two weeks and six months to help our missionaries. Please raise your own financial support.
Prayer partners to pray for our ministries and missionaries.


What to do if you sense the LORD calling you into His mission field:
Speak with your pastor and ask him/her to help examine your calling to missions.

 If your church pastor and leaders affirm your calling and are prepared to support – praise the Lord! Call MMS straight away at 64784818.

 If your church pastor and leaders affirm your calling but are unable to provide full financial support for you – call MMS anyway! Some of our missionaries are supported by the combined efforts of multiple Methodist churches, agencies, and individuals.



  • Personnel needed (whatever talents, skills, experience, age, etc.) to empower local Cambodians especially children, youth, young adults in varied ways including disciple-making in our different ministries (COSI, COSY, Hope House, different Hostels, etc.)

  • Secondary and primary school teachers to teach as well as empower teachers at the Methodist School of Cambodia especially in English, IT, Science, Mathematics, Mental Health awareness, etc.

  • Financial Support for more than 200 underprivileged children (about a quarter of enrolment) studying at the Methodist School of Cambodia through the SSS programme.

  • Online ministries to teach, befriend and empower local Cambodians.

  • Prayer and financial supporters for pastors of the Methodist Church of Cambodia, whose income is below the national minimum wage.


  • A missionary with a passion and commitment to serve in our Diaspora Missions (DM) to reach out to Chinese tertiary students (华侨 & 华裔) on campuses. One who loves the Lord and has a passion to engage tertiary students and initiate outreach activities to bring them the good news and to disciple believers. The missionary will be based in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Trainers to conduct leadership development and counselling courses.

  • Church teams to engage communities through medical services, community services, and development projects.

  • A volunteer to serve at MMS to support East Asia missions and projects.


  • Experienced current or former Singapore Principal, Vice-Principal, or Head of Department to serve as Principal of the Singapore Mission School from third quarter of 2023.

  • Fulltime personnel to serve in Singapore Mission School (SMS) and develop partnerships.

  • Kindergarten and Primary teachers familiar with the Singapore curriculum to teach at SMS. Teachers can opt to serve a one-year term or longer.


  • Donors and sponsors for Sophia's Home girls who are continuing their studies in the various disciplines in the local university in Kathmandu. This enables them to complete their professional studies, be financially independent, serve their communities and MCN.

  • Trainers to conduct online or on-site developmental training on Discipleship, Spiritual Leadership, Financial Stewardships, Administration and IT.

  • Donors and sponsors for the needy youth within MCN to continue their tertiary education. This enables the future development of MCN financial stability and self-sustainability.


  • Short-term helpers to organise programmes and activities for BB, GB and Children’s ministry at Rangsit Methodist Church, Shineforth Methodist Church, and Song-Roi Phee tuition centre.

  • Qualified Kindergarten and Primary level teachers to conduct teachers’ training at Vineyard Methodist School and Little Candles School. Focus areas are English and Mathematics.

  • Mission teams to conduct evangelistic events, community services, etc with our Methodist churches.


  • St Paul Methodist School (SPMS): Short-term missioners to run BB/GB camps, and skills and enrichment training programme (eg IT, art, study skills, etc). Volunteers willing to teach in SPMS for a month to a year; experienced teachers to mentor local teachers in basic curriculum design and instructional strategies for at least a month.

  • Sundermeier Home: Short-term missioners to provide English, Science, or Mathematics coaching for Grade 10-12 hostelites.

  • Dunamis House: Volunteers skilled in business management, supply chain, logistics, or other business expertise to offer training courses, coaching, or mentoring to tertiary/vocational students over Zoom.

  • Seeking volunteers to serve as house parents for Sundermeier Home and Dunamis House for a year or more. Retired couples willing to be “re-fired” to serve God in the mission field are welcome!


  • A tentmaker (with at least a Diploma in Bible and Christian Ministries) to be a pastoral assistant or a small group leader. Or a tentmaker (without theological training) to lead a small group. A business entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, qualified TEFL/TESOL teachers, or someone with a willing heart to learn and understudy at International Christian Fellowship and MMS-International NGO.

  • Volunteers to provide short-term relief teaching or organise learning camps for private school and home for children (kindergarten/primary level). A team to consist no more than four people.

  • Teach English at Sunrise Girls Shelter, Lotus Girls Shelter, or Sunlight Boys Shelter during the holidays.

  • Urgently looking for business-minded Christians to set up businesses like tuition centre, Christian crematorium, etc. and bring in ministry staff under their umbrella.

Exploration of New Geographical Missions Partnerships (NewGMP)

  • MMS is exploring collaborative partnerships with local Methodist churches in countries such as Indonesia and Myanmar.

  • If the Lord is leading you to serve in places beyond the seven countries where MMS has some form of ministry, please get in touch with us.




AT HOME (in Singapore)
You can also come alongside as Mission Partners and Volunteers (MPV) at home to encourage and empower God’s work and workers to incarnate the love of Jesus Christ to make a difference in the mission fields.


Communications and Publications
• English-Chinese Translator.
• Photographer or Videographer.
• Graphic Designer.
• Web Designer.


Administrative and Events Management
• MMS Event Coordinator.

• Member of Fund Raising Team.

• Member of Fellowship Mailer Team.


Resource Development 
• Be a sponsor through the Student Sponsorship Schemes.


For more information about these opportunities, contact us. Be in prayer with us as we seek God’s direction to challenge and mobilise our Methodist community to serve Christ.

(The above opportunities to serve are extracted from Harvest Force 2023 issue 2)

Be a Volunteer in the field
Be a Volunteer in Singapore



Familiarise yourself with the Missionary Application Process. Please fill in the Initial Enquiry Form and email or post it back to us. And we will contact you shortly for a preliminary conversation with you.

Be a Missionary
Be a MITE participant



MMS Missions Internship Training and Exposure (MITE) is a programme designed to send believers to the mission fields for 1 to 6 months. It is an opportunity to give your best to God!


Click on the image above or CLICK HERE to find out more about MITE.



If you are interested to find out more about the different fields, please email the respective persons at these email addresses:

Cambodia MMS
East Asia - MMS
Laos - MMS
Nepal - Noel
Thailand - Jeremy
Timor-Leste - Cheryl
Vietnam - Noel

These are some useful resources if you are going on a mission trip:


for currency convertor.


for world time

zone convertor.


for weather

around the world.


for electrical plug types in the world.

Please let us know if there is other useful resource for mission trippers. Thanks!

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