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Project Metamorphosis

Project Metamorphosis

Project Metamorphosis is a series of testimonies on the metamorphosis (transformation) of the people in MMS written to inspire everyone with the power of God.

New stories are uploaded regularly. So, keep a look out for them. Do click the like button and leave a comment. And remember to share these stories too on social media because a blessing shared is a blessing doubled!

You can also send in your testimony on how MMS has made an impact on your life so that we may upload it on Project Metamorphosis. 

Project Metamorphosis PLUS


Project Metamorphosis PLUS is a platform for everyone to share testimonies of prayers offered in faith. These prayers may be answered, partially answered, or yet to be answered. Through persistent prayers, lives and communities are transformed. Let the name of the Lord be praised as the intercessors share our experiences.

Please email us your testimony of prayer. 

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