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by Aom Saran Sripanya, 17-year-old member of Little Candles Methodist Church, Thailand. He is a Year 11 student at Phrao High School.

Before I got to know Jesus, I played with amulets. This made me feel so unhappy because it involved witchcraft to heal and treat people. Every year, I had to worship evil spirits or ghosts, and I felt like I had no freedom; I felt as if I was being stared at all the time. If I did not worship them in the way they wanted, I would be fearful that they would take my life.

I came to know God because of an opportunity to attend the Little Candles Methodist Church. I heard a sermon from Pastor Henry, who spoke about God in heaven. There was one sentence that touched my heart a lot: “We don't know God at all but we can know him through Jesus Christ.” It surprised me and it brought up many questions in my mind. Who is Jesus Christ? Why did Jesus have to come and redeem our sin?

That day, I decided to go in and ask the pastor. He told me that God loves us so much, but we humans have sinned a lot. God wanted to save us from our sin, and from the lake of fire (hell) through sending Jesus to die on the cross for us. So, there and then, I decided to accept Jesus Christ to be my Saviour. I started worshipping God and going to church on Sundays. As I began to learn more about God, I came to understand a number of things. Who is God? He said, “I am who I am.” So, He is God and God is who He is, and His Name is Jesus Christ. That gave me faith. And another thing is, God is the Lord of heaven. And if we do not know Him, we will not be able to enter.

Now, I have a much better life. I began to read the Bible to know more about God. My studies have improved a lot as well. For example, I had a chance to go to a career project competition at the regional academic competition. At that time, I was still a new believer and I prayed, “Father, I ask You to help me to be in the top 5 of the competition among all the schools. Amen.” I remembered that I could not even pray properly at the time. But God answered my prayer. My project was ranked 4th out of a total of 48 schools. And here’s another story when I was going to be in Year 10, I prayed to God that I wanted to study in the science-mathematics programme. But my grades were not good enough, and I had to study in another programme. However, about one week after that, I received a phone call from the school, saying that there were still eight positions left in the science-mathematics programme that I wanted to study in. God answered my prayer, miraculously. I really thank God very much.

Thank you for reading my testimony. I believe that God will answer your prayers too. God bless everyone.


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Dear Aom Saran Sripanya, Thank you for sharing your faith encounter in Christ Jesus. Praise God for leading you to Jesus and openning doors for your academic pursuits. Glad to learn of your faith and the manner in which you could experience the love of God in a special and personal way. May the Lord continue to lead and direct your path in the years ahead. Take care. Shalom.

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