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by Thawinan Jibo, Member of Shineforth Methodist Church, Thailand.

I was born into a non-Christian family. However, from an early age, I was raised both physically and spiritually in a Christian dormitory where I got to know and believe in God. Even when I succumbed to the temptations of the flesh and lacked intimacy with God, He always brought me back.

I had a dream of becoming a teacher. But due to my family's financial situation, they were unable to support it. Many times, whenever I began to lose hope in this dream, God made me believe and trust in Him for all my worries about the cost of schooling. God always provided for me in time.

When I finished school, God led me to serve at Shineforth Methodist Church. It has strengthened my faith and has taught me to wait for God’s answers to pray in peace. The pastors, sisters, and brothers in the church had also always been praying for me. I remained faithful in my service, setting aside time to read books and prepare my application documents. Praying for God's guidance was the first thing I did before everything else. Finally, I got called and was assigned to work as a teacher!

Being only human, I was worried and anxious. However, God led me every step of the way. The three months of praying was an intimate time with God. I was touched by His help on days when I felt down and tired. I also received His comfort through music, the Bible, God's servants, and brothers and sisters in the faith. When He finally brought me to the finish line of becoming a teacher, I could feel His love by my side all the time. I was not fighting alone.

From my scriptural reading in 2023, this verse reminded me that I was never alone: “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” (Psalm 56:3, ESV)


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Dear Thawinan, So glad to read your testimony which is inspiring and relevant to our life in Christ. Yes, with Christ abiding in us, we need not be afraid. As we begin the New Year, may the Spirit of our Lord Jesus lead us in the path ahead! Let Him fill us with His abundant love, boundless grace and remarkable peace. Shalom.

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