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by Lun Srey Mich, Church member of The Third Place @ Odem, Cambodia.

Hello, my name is Lun Srey Mich. I would like to testify and give glory to God for His healing touch and realness in my life.

I have been experiencing some health issues. And sometimes, I am so sick that I need to receive medical attention at the hospital.

There was a time when I felt very ill. I was accompanied to a nearby clinic. The doctor at the clinic happened to be a Christian. He gave me a medical check-up and told me that I had an enlarged heart. He then sent me to the Intensive Care Unit at Calmette Hospital because there was nothing more he could do for me.

I was afraid. There was nothing I could do except pray. I told God that I had so many health issues, and I didn’t need another one. I prayed, “I don’t want an enlarged heart. Please heal me, Lord.”

Srey Mich with Sunday School children from The Third Place @ Odem

I had a sense of peace after I prayed that prayer. Subsequently, the hospital staff did some tests on me. The next day, I received the test results. It showed that my heart was normal. There was no enlargement or any other thing that I should be concerned about. I was surprised at the test results.

God heard my cry and He answered my prayer. Thank you, Lord, for healing me! Even the Christian doctor at the clinic, who referred me to Calmette Hospital, was amazed when I shared my test results with him. He agreed that it was indeed God’s healing touch.

Praise the Lord! He has allowed me to experience His reality in my life. This experience has helped me to want to know Him more, and serve Him more.


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Dear Mich (or Lun), I rejoice with you as you celebrate Christ's healing touch. That's awesome! May you continue to walk in His Light, and that His Light might shine to others at theThird Place@Odem and beyond! To God be the glory! Praise to our Risen Lord. Blessed Easter.

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