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by Cheun Soknath, Member of Prek Omperl Methodist Church, Cambodia.

All blessings, glory, and praise be to the risen Lord Jesus Christ!

I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour when I was a youth. At first, I went to church only because I wanted to learn English. However, later I joined in the worship every week and was able to understand more about God and received Jesus Christ. But my faith was still weak and soon I fell into temptation. I left the Lord for almost 15 years.

Life without God was meaningless and empty, as there was nothing that I could depend on. I only experienced darkness and defeat in my life; life that was filled with burdens and problems, which I could not find a way out from them all. I was trapped in a life without freedom. Sin had led me astray, led me to forget God’s grace, and led me to sin against the flesh, to worship idols, and have hatred and jealousy of others, to act untruthfully towards others, to harbour anger in my heart, and many other terrible things.

I was feeling hopeless in my life and many problems kept coming at me. However, one day when I was at a very low point in my life, and I was scrolling Facebook, I chanced upon a worship song that I had sung before. I started to listen to the song. The next day, on Facebook, I saw a post by a pastor who shared on God’s Word. After listening, God touched my heart, and I cried to the Lord. I started to pray to Him again, and decided to seek God again.

My life began to change in a most marvellous way as I received God’s Word and humbly followed His Word. I started to receive God’s blessings, joy, peace, and complete freedom living in God’s presence. The Holy Spirit is with me; I am not alone anymore. Like the Prodigal Son, I have come to realise the world’s sins and darkness, and the grace of God which led me back to Him. I know that He loves me always, and has never once left me.

I also come to know that the life of faith in God does not mean that there will not be any problem or burden. However, when we meet with problems, we have God as our Helper, Comforter, and Encourager. God will be there to save us. There is nothing that God cannot do, nothing at all! Our God is a living God, He is the True God, and He is Almighty and All-Powerful. There is nothing that is too big for Him. Every knee in heaven, on earth, and in hell must bow and worship Him.

The Lord Jesus has changed my life from the old to the new; from one that has no love to one that knows how to love others, and to forgive others when they do wrong to us. I have become the light of God in the world, and the salt of the earth. I am a testimony for Him to families, community, and society so that they can hear and see the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

To all who are reading this testimony, please make a decision to believe and receive Jesus Christ, and please keep your faith until the end, then only will you receive life eternal in heaven. God bless you!


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