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by Kong Meng Koung, Undergraduate at National Technical Training Institute, Cambodia. He is currently under PCOSIIP.

Being born as a son of a poor man from Kampong Chhnang province, my life would have been trapped in the poverty cycle. However, through MMS and Community Outreach Services (COS), God transformed me from an ignorant person to a better person.

I received my education when I stayed at COSI and COSY where I received good advice from my houseparents, managers, and missionaries. They showed me love, forgiveness, compassion as well as taught me to be patient, to persevere, to be honest, to be gentle, to help others, and to be willing to learn for my family and my country. Most importantly, I came to know Jesus and accepted Him as my Saviour. Jesus transformed me into a courageous person to serve Him by playing music for Sunday worship and Sunday School.

Subsequently, I continued to be supported by PCOSIIP (Post COSI Integrated Programme). I am both studying and working now. I am currently in my 2nd year in Civil Engineering, and also working with the slum children ministry, Hope House, as a teacher. Hope House is also an MMS ministry in Cambodia, supported by Aldersgate Methodist Church in Singapore. Over the past few months, I have noticed that the children at Hope House are playful and not very obedient, but they are also smart and diligent in their learning. They always help one another with their school work.

Hope House taught me many life lessons; I learnt to be responsible and to have a heart to serve, love, and empathise with the children. These children often remind me of my past. Hope House is not only a place for work but also a place of opportunities to serve God. I am determined to help in any way I can because I want to see these children have a better future.


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Dear Koung, Thank you for sharing your testimony, a journey of faith, learning and growing. Praise God for His grace and love that guided you through all these years. May the Lord continue to lead and inspire you as you continue in your studies, work and serve the community through the blessings of Christ. Shalom.

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