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by Kong Putpisey, Joy Hostel, Cambodia.

I believed in God since I was 15, but my faith was not strong. My family was always in conflict. Although I was a Christian, I never read the Bible. From 2016 to 2019, my Christian faith was almost lost.

However, on 2 January 2020, I came to live in a house of joy - the Joy Hostel. In my heart, I am very glad to live here, because the hostel is near my school. Besides, there are many good friends I have come to know in the hostel. Sadly, schools were closed during the pandemic and I had to go back to stay with my aunt for a while.

During the time away from Joy Hostel, I missed the spiritual programmes which helped my faith to grow. Thank God that everything is now back to normal. Schools are open and I can move back to stay in Joy Hostel, a place where I can enjoy a close relationship with God through prayers, reading or listening to the Bible, and sharing my testimony with others. I thank God for Joy Hostel - a place where my faith can grow.


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Dear Kong Putpisey, Glad to hear that you have found joy in an ever growing relationship with God and His people @ Joy Hostel. May your faith be deepened as you continue to serve Him and that many others may discover the reality of God and experience the love of Jesus in a special way. Take care. Shalom.

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