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God’s Plan Never Fails

by Ashna Shrestha, Graduate of Sophia’s Home, Nepal. She is currently a nurse at Biratnagar Hospital.

When I was nine years old, my dad was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. My mother helped him throughout his stay in the hospital while managing everything back at home. During that time, a pastor introduced and welcomed us to church. He shared God's blessing and words with us. Since then, I remember my father and mother welcoming church members to our house for house fellowship. The memory of my father singing and worshipping God even in his sickbed still remains fresh in my mind.

Before knowing God, my family was under stress. We were depressed and struggling economically, and we did not have any relative to support us. We had such a difficult time. But after learning about God, my parents’ faces were lit up by our Saviour's light. Unfortunately, my father passed away at the age of 37, on 6 February 2006, after battling cancer for a month. However, we realised that God had planned something better for us; a life filled with His peace, joy, and blessings awaited us.

I still remember going to church every Saturday with my mom. We still were struggling financially, making it harder for me to continue my education. Fortunately, I somehow managed to complete my grade 4 education. However, I had to continue my studies if I ever wanted to become a nurse. I reflected on Jeremiah 29:11 whenever I thought about the time my family was introduced to Pastor Sabashtain Lepcha during a Saturday Service. I got the opportunity to be part of the Sophia's Home family from July 2007. At the home, I was blessed with a big family with lots of sisters. Uncle Sabashtain and Aunty Grace were like a father and a mother who welcomed me dearly as their own daughter. They never made me feel the absence of my parents. I was able to re-join school during the mid-term of grade 5 and eventually graduated at grade 10. In between, I got to know God more deeply and took the step to be baptised in church on 12 April 2009. It was a significant moment of my life as I realised how connected I felt to the church and God. I felt like my life was in such a good place.

I always wanted to become a nurse from a young age. But when I completed my school level education, Sophia's Home did not have the option for me to pursue a technical education. So, my mother and I planned to leave Sophia's Home to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse, even though we had a crisis back at home. My mom was firm on her decision because she knew my desire to become a nurse. Fortunately, God had a better plan for us. After many meetings and the efforts by many people, we got news that I was allowed to study nursing. It was all because of God’s blessing that came through MMS. After having completed the three-year nursing course, I graduated from Sophia’s Home in 2015. And today, I am working as a nurse in a hospital and serving God through the people.

Currently, I am in my 2nd year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. I need to manage my household and my college fee. Please do pray for my studies and me.

The global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone. It affects not only physical health but also deteriorates mental health. In this situation, the pandemic has brought enormous challenges and risks to health workers. We need to be extra careful and safe for our family members and ourselves. I have seen people dying due to COVID-19, and it is heart breaking. He is our Healer, and by faith, I always remember them in my prayer. I believe God has His plans and, in His time, everything will be settled.

Serving in church is an essential aspect of our church life. As God calls us, I learn to serve my church community on top of my job and studies. I serve in the choir and the youth fellowship in church.

Overall, I am thankful to God and everyone who has guided me to become a better version of myself during my stay at Sophia’s Home. I am thankful for all the opportunities and support. I am grateful to everyone who believed and encouraged me by helping me when I needed it the most. I am incredibly grateful to Uncle Sabashtain and Aunty Grace, my best mentors. They saw and appreciated my efforts, and understood what I wanted and was capable of doing. They have my utmost love and respect for being excellent role models. Today, I am who I am all because of God’s provision and plan in my life.


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Dear Ashna Shrestha, Thank you for sharing your difficulties in your growing up years, your father's illness and challenges associated with your education. Praise God that the Spirit of the Lord ministered to you, your parents and that you had found meaning and purpose while@ Sophia Girls' Home. I pray that as you continue to pursue your nursing course, the Lord will bless and guide you and enable you to realize your fullest potential that God has created for you. May you shine as light to the community and nation. Take care. Hope to catch up when there is opportunity to visit Nepal next year.

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