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God has a Good Plan for Every Person

by Rev Piti Santitaweechai (Ping), Pastor-in-charge of Payakkaphumphisai Methodist Church, Thailand.

I came to know about Rangsit Methodist Church in 1996 when I was 17 years old. It was through their football ministry led by Pastor Yala Puributr. I also learnt about God at the church but it was just head knowledge to me. When I started working, I wanted to do something fulfilling in my life, but I did not manage to find anything meaningful. So, I changed from one job to another. During that time, I asked God what I should do with my life or what I should do next, but I did not get an answer. In the many years that I attended church, I did not find any hope in my life.

Later, I decided to quit my job when I went through many challenges in my job. Since I was jobless at that time and there was a mission team from Singapore that came to Nong Bua Lamphu Methodist Church, I took the opportunity to go help them. It was the first time that I left my home to go to another province in Thailand. It was then that I came face-to-face with the reality of life – that there were people out there who were in real difficulty and suffering. It was there that I received God’s calling to help these people. It was only God who could help them to have happiness in the midst of their difficulties. In Thailand, there are many who need the Lord.

I started serving the Lord in Payakkaphumphisai Methodist Church and God guided me in the years after that. I received the answers to the questions that I had often asked God about my life before. In the midst of serving, I found joy in my life. Mission work does not only benefit those who come to know the Lord through it, but it is also useful to everyone and in every way. God has a good plan for every person.

I decided to quit my job to study full-time at the Bangkok Institute of Theology in 2007. And in 2010, I graduated with a Bachelor in Theology. In November 2012, I married Mildred Goh, an MMS Missionary. Together we have two children.


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Dear Ping, Thanks for sharing your spiritual journey and God's call to serve in the pastoral ministry. May you continue to abide in His love and out of His abundant grace, Christ's love will overflow and touch many lives! Praying for Mildred and children too. May all of you be surrounded by His Presence as you serve His mission @Thailand!

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