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by Korn, Member of Nong Bua Lamphu Methodist Church, Thailand.

Hi, my name is Korn and I am now 40 years old. Let me share the testimony of my life before I knew Jesus and after I welcomed Jesus into my life.

Previously, I was impatient about everything and I was also obsessed with many things. I tried to find things to fill my life that I thought would make me happy. I was into binge eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, and even taking many types of addictive drugs. These addictions would only cause mood swings and I got irritated easily. I was already a hot-tempered person, so I had quite a lot of problems with others – so much so that my bad behaviour had become a norm.

I thought the best solution was to go to a temple to make merit, but that did not make my life any better. So, I continued to deceive myself by continuing to take drugs. After a long time, I indeed deceived myself and could not bring myself out of there.

And when my life was on the brim of collapsing, I came to know God through my wife. However, I did not believe God. I was against God for three years and always told my wife that if she wanted to believe in God, we had to break up.

During this time, I was observing my wife's Christian life. I was sceptical of the faith and God. However, when I came to an impasse and I had to choose between my wife and drugs, I decided to challenge God by telling Him, “If You are real, can You help me?”

On 23 March 2023, I decided to give up my addictions and welcomed Jesus into my life. Miraculously, Jesus showed me the changes in my life; I quit smoking and all drugs. Previously, I tried for a long time by myself but it was without success. However, on that day, Jesus helped me and made me better.

Now, every time I am impatient or having bad thoughts, I will call on my Saviour Jesus and I am able to get through my struggles. I thank Jesus that He loves and forgives me. I also thank God for my wife, and my brothers and sisters. My church has always prayed for me, and encouraged and helped me to know that God gives us love. And I want to share God’s love with others. I thank God for loving me and cleansing me from my sins. God bless you all.


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Dear Korn, You have shared an amazing testimony about how Christ has transformed your life! Praise God for His grace. I thank the Lord for the support of your wife, family and church as you continue to walk in His steps. Though the journey ahead will be filled with challenges, our Lord Jesus will bless and watch over you always. Let your love and faith grow. Take care. God bless!

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