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Ask and Receive

by Mick (Chai-nimit Bua-charoen), Member of the Rangsit Methodist Church in Khlong Si, Bangkok, Thailand.

My family and I became Christians less than two years ago. Ever since we came to know God, He has blessed us with good things in life. God has clearly shown and proven Himself to be powerful.

I used to be unconvinced of God’s power and dared not ask God for anything. Furthermore, I thought I was insignificant, and I had not done anything good for God.

However, a servant of the Lord encouraged me and dared me to ask God. He told me that God is our Father who loves us and listens to us. Therefore, I attempted to ask God. I prayed for a job.

It seemed very unlikely to get a job during the COVID-19 crisis. Yet, nothing is impossible for God. He gave me a job that I wanted - even in this current COVID-19 situation. This showed the greatness and love of God. My faith in Him increased. I experienced so much of His love that words alone were not enough to express my gratitude. My family and I will love and honour God. And we want love others too.

I would like to encourage my Christian brothers and sisters to ask of God for help. Read the Scriptures frequently, and pray for the will of God to be done. When the time is right, God will give what we need. No matter what my problem is or what I worry about, I will pray. In the past, I had doubts. But now, I trust God. No matter what crisis we may encounter, God will help us through. Let us trust Him and be His good children.

Finally, I ask God to keep all God's servants and my fellow Christian brothers and sisters safe from COVID-19. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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Dear Mick (Chai-nimit Bua-charoen), Thank you for sharing your act of faith. While you had experienced the power of God, may I encourage you to continue to grow in Christ and share your testimony far and wide, that many others might be drawn towards faith in God too! Take care. Have a Blessed New Year! Shalom.

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