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Our God Provides!

Authorities placed Dili, Timor-Leste under lockdown from 15 March 2021 due to COVID-19 concerns. Everyone must stay at home, except for urgent medical assistance and purchase essential goods and services. All gatherings are banned during the lockdown until further notice.

When we heard that some of our students' families have problem with getting food, the St Paul Methodist School (SPMS) teachers met immediately and decided to give out 240 COVID-19 Relief Packages to our SPMS students' families.

We did not have cash on hand. We were also concerned about how to deliver the packages to the families since everyone was expected to stay at home. However, we trusted God to provide; He would make all things possible if it was His will.

Incredibly, God opened doors on 17 March for me to connect with two big supermarket chains in Timor (i.e. Meimart and Dili Mart) to work out a US$15 COVID-19 Relief Package through a voucher redemption system at the seven supermarkets spread across Dili.

Even more amazingly, on 17 March, a friend in Singapore texted me to say that she wanted to give a donation of S$5000 to support the school operations. And I had not even told anyone about this need!

240 packages x US$15 x 1.35 currency rate = S$4860

S$5000 is more than what we asked for! Our God Provides!

I asked my friend if I could use the amount for the Relief Packages and she said ,"Of course!"

What an amazing God we serve! In the midst of COVID-19 season, never be weary of doing good to others – because God knows and He will grant you the desire of your heart!

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