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by Renuka Rai, Member of the Vijayee Methodist Church, Nepal.

In August 2023, I had some discomfort in my chest. Subsequently, I went for a check-up on 1 September at a local hospital in Fikkal Bazar, Ilam District. The doctor diagnosed that my heart was swollen and referred me to see a heart doctor at Birta City Hospital in Jhapa District. There, my heart and kidneys were diagnosed to be in the final stage. I was again referred to Biratnagar Nobel Hospital. The doctor prescribed some medicine and test to see if the medicine works or not. Due to our financial situation, the doctor requested for a follow-up whereby a test was to be done twice in a month in a local hospital, and the reports was to be sent to him.

Although the doctor told me that the condition of my kidneys had improved, I did not feel well. I was unable to eat or even sit properly. Taking more medicines had weakened my body which felt like burning. I stopped taking the medicine. A few days later, I was taken back to the hospital. By then, the condition of my kidneys had already crossed the limit. The doctor advised for emergency dialysis, and I had done two sessions of dialysis in five days at the hospital.

I did not know what was happening because I was unconscious at home and in hospital. Apparently, I was making unnatural gestures that were not common with the other normal kidney patients. In the meantime, the medicines did not work as per the expectations of the doctors. So, they discharged me from the hospital on 16 December, and told my husband that there was no need to bring me back anymore.

Instead of going home after the discharge, we went directly to the church. My pastor and church had kindly arranged for me to stay at the church. The pastor, other church members, and my husband fasted and prayed. They did not even have a drop of water. I fainted repeatedly and made unusual sounds and cries; I was losing my senses. However, after their fervent prayer, I regain my senses and my pains were gone. During my one-week stay in the church, I was prayed over by the church members. I could even attend the Christmas service.

I was abandoned by the doctors. But God did not leave nor forsake me. By His grace and love, I could write this testimony. Now that the pain was gone for four months, I can sit and sleep properly. I can even walk outside or go to the kitchen to have food.

May I request for your constant prayer for my complete healing. My heartfelt thanks to all respected pastors, all MCN leaders, all church members. Thanks to Joe Ling (Country Director) and Noel Tam (former Regional Director) who supported me in prayer and financially.


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1 Comment

Dear Renuka Rai, Praise God for His abundant grace that intervened at the time where you needed it most. I am so inspired by your testimony and the love, prayers and support from your church. May the Lord Jesus be praised as we continue to trust in Him and that His healing touch will fully restore your health . Let your powerful testimony bless your brothers and sisters in Christ and those in the community. Shalom. Jaimashi.

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