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My God is Real

I want to testify to God’s love, care, and providence in what I went through recently.

On 11 May 2021, I went for my COVID-19 vaccination. That night, I had a high fever. I was shivering till 1.30am before I struggled out of my bed to take the fever medicine. By the third day, I was well and functioning.

However, I came down with shingles on 18 May. It was around my previous cancer operated wound. At first, I was not sure and thought it was insect bites. By 19 May, I suspected it was shingles because I had it 20 years ago around my armpit.

Fortunately, God blessed me with two doctors (husband and wife) from Singapore who visited me. I checked with the lady doctor who confirmed that it was shingles. She advised me to see a doctor to treat it as soon as possible - best within 72 hours for the medicine to work well. But 48 hours had already passed and thus the following day was crucial. However, the following day was Timor-Leste’s Independence Day and the clinics were unlikely to be operating. Nevertheless, we went to a private clinic. Praise God, it was operating although there was only one doctor!

At the registration, the nurse asked if I wanted to see a specialist or a general practitioner (GP). I replied, “GP.” While we were waiting to be seen by the doctor, I overheard that the bill a patient had to pay was $275. I was a little concerned with the cost. I tried to comfort myself with my husband by insisting that my bill should be lower. Amazingly, we were later told that since there was only one doctor, my bill came up to be just $26.75! Praise God!

For the next two to three nights, I was in pain and itch but with the antibiotics, the conditions improved. Now, I am healed. To God be the Glory!

My heart was just filled with praise and I was reminded of this song “My God is Real”.

There are some things I may not know

There are some places I can’t go

But I am sure of this one thing

My God is real for I can feel Him deep within.


My God is real, real in my soul

My God is real for He has washed and made me whole

His love for me us like pure gold

My God is real for I can feel Him deep in my soul


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1 Comment

Dear Swee Fang, Praise God for your wonderful and powerful testimony. Indeed, both Jin Hoe and yourself have taken a bold step of faith to serve in the mission field. I am greatly inspired by that act of love in service and obedience to the call of God. May our good Lord continue to bless both of you and the life transforming mission @TL. May His grace, wisdom and peace surround you by day and night. May He also wacth over your family in Singapore. Take care. My prayers are with you always. Shalom - PDL

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