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by Evelyn Ong, Member of Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church, Singapore, and Mission Coordinator of GC WSCS.

A church, a nursery, a kindergarten, a primary school, a tuition centre, two dormitories, two burger outlets, and various outreach programmes (some in remote mountain areas). To make all these happen within 15 years is simply incredible, if not by the hands of God! Through the unwavering faith and hard work of Ps Daniel, his wife, and his team, no one would be able to accomplish so much in an infamous super hard ground.

A few years ago, when I was in Chiang Mai for a month-long training, I did not meet many Thai Christians. I was told that for 200 years of missions work in Thailand, there were very little fruits.

However, in February 2023, I visited Phrao with a group of GC WSCS ladies. I was very encouraged to see so many Thai people who have come to accept Christ through the missions work in Phrao. There are so many believers in this place and many of them are young people!

Through this trip, I saw the passionate flame of the Thai people burning brighter than ever - in wanting to spread the Good News to their own people. Ps Daniel’s team has managed to groom a lot of young Thai adults to run the ministries in the church and to reach out to the pre-believers. The faith of these young adults is strong and their foundation is firmly built in the word of God. Every day, students and adults under the ministry and care of the church have a lot of opportunities to hear the Gospel and to know God through the teaching of the Bible and sharing of testimonies. God’s name is clearly preached in Phrao!

It is a joy and privilege to witness the hands of God moving in this place. From a super hard ground, it has become fertile ground. Praise be to God!

Let’s come and support the works in Phrao. The people in Phrao have a lot of needs, both financially and spiritually. They need good medical care and good schools too. I pray that there will be more support and that more people will go to Phrao to partner with God and the team to win more souls. It will be very encouraging to see churches sprouting up everywhere in Phrao in the near future.

Email to find out how you may come alongside.


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Dear Evelyn, Thank you for sharing your positive experience @Phrao. Indeed, we praise God for molding, nurturing and shaping the lives of these Thai people in a remote area. It was indeed great that your WSCS team had visited and ministered to the church there. We are encouraged by your meaningful and inspiring encounter. We are glad that you are encouraging churches and individuals to visit and support the mission there too. They shalll be blessed! Shalom.

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