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God Leads Every Step Of The Way

by Wanida Somjitkaew, Graduate of Mettakij Hostel, Thailand.

When I was younger, I did not know where to go for my secondary education and prayed for God’s best plan for me. Later, Ps Theerasorn Sangskawrat linked me to Mettakij Hostel, a good Christian dormitory in Chiang Mai where I could learn more about God and have opportunities to serve Him.

Mr Prachuap Aksorncharoensakul, the former house parent of Mettakij Hostel invited me to stay. And I made many friends from different tribes and languages so I could practise speaking Thai, a common language at the hostel. I met Ps Seeda Saenkasa and Ps Chinnakorn Saenkasa at Shineforth Methodist Church and had the opportunity to serve in the Children’s Ministry and Worship Team.

Mettakij Hostel was like my second home, a conducive shelter with warm, meaningful fellowship and good food. Mr Prachuap and his family were like a second set of parents who raised me up. I stayed there for three years until I completed high school.

Once, at a youth camp, Rev Henry Yeo preached and led us to pray for one another. He encouraged us to have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. At the camp, I had experienced the Holy Ghost for the first time in my life. At first, I challenged God that if He is real, I wanted to be touched by the Holy Ghost. I wanted a personal touch to know that God really exists. As we prayed for one another, someone started to cry and the Holy Ghost began to move. A younger Christian brother put his hand up and prayed to me. At that point, I started to feel strange; I started to cry and then it turned to laugher and screaming. I felt very happy. Since then, I began to have the courage to tell others about God and how good and great He is. I am very thankful for this experience.

I continued to serve in the church even after I left the hostel. I graduated with a major in English at the Faculty of Arts of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. After serving at Lanna Bible College for three months, I became a teacher under the Border Patrol Force to teach in a school in the mountains.

I thank God for everything in my life. Because of His great grace and mercy, He has led me every step of the way and continues to prepare the best way for me. I’m thankful to everyone who has played a part in my life, including Ps Henry, Ps Chinnakorn, Ps Seeda, and Mr Prachuap and his wife.


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Dear Wanida Somjitkaew, Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey. Praise God that you have had a meaningful and rewarding time @ Mettakij Hostel, and Shineforth Methodist Church. May the Lord continue to direct your path as you serve as a teacher under the Border Patrol Force in a school in the mountains. Shalom.

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