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Two Events

by Rev Derrick Lau, MMS Executive Director.

Two major events were organised by MMS recently.

MMS Leaders’ Summit 2022 (18-20 August) provided the opportunity for leaders from MMS Singapore and our missions fields to review, reflect, and respond to God’s call to serve His mission in a rapid changing landscape of our modern world. Papers were presented by various leaders and panellists responded to comments and questions on MMS Vision, Mission, Core Values, and the direction for MMS in the next few years. It was a fruitful and profitable time of fellowship, learning, and interactions.

MMS Missionary Retreat 2022 (23-25 August) was held via a hybrid format. Home-based missionaries and staff travelled to Pattaya, Thailand to meet our missionaries in Thailand while the rest of our missionaries logged in via zoom for the sessions that focused on the theme ONEderful .. ONE in Christ. It was a meaningful time of spiritual reflection and retreat plus meaningful fellowship over meals and games.

Prayers were offered for both of these sessions (plus months beforehand). We thank God that participants were richly blessed by them. All praise be to God for inspiring us with a unity of spirit and a bond of love as we deepen and strengthen our service for His glory!


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