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by Tippawarn Siprom, Member of Nong Bua Lamphu Methodist Church, Thailand.

I lived with my grandparents since I was four as my parents had separated. They supported me from kindergarten to high school in Samut Prakan Province. At that time, I did not believe in God and had never heard of Jesus before.

When I was growing up, there was an incident that caused great grief to my grandparents. I was in Secondary 2 at the time and had chosen to be in bad company of friends. I often lied to my grandparents. A friend invited me to try smoking and drinking, and out of curiosity, I did. We even tried drugs. As time passed, I had a boyfriend who was a senior, but I cheated and secretly had another one. We fought at my house and the neighbours saw the incident and reported it to my grandparents who were not around at that time. When the matter reached their ears, they became very angry and decided to stop supporting me. I had made my grandparents cry badly and they were very sad because they didn't think I would be like this. Then they sent me to live in Nong Bua Lamphu Province.

Pastor Jansuda, my mother’s relative, told me that she would support me and also invited me to go to church every Sunday. The first time I went to church was around New Year and my first impression was that everyone was full of joy and welcoming. Everyone seemed close-knit, as a family. After that, I got to know Jesus better and became interested in Bible stories. After about a month, I decided to open my heart to God and prayed with my teacher at church to receive salvation. We had a spiritual mentor who taught us about Jesus and how to live a godly life so that we could grow spiritually.

In 2019, I decided to be baptized. The Lord has changed my life immensely. Others might look upon me as inferior or worthless, but the Lord has seen my worth. The Lord is my Saviour. I was someone who could not see the way of light and everywhere I looked, I found a dark path. However, the Lord led me to find the path of light. From then on, I received abundant blessings and grace from the Lord. I began to serve in various ministries at the church such as leading Sunday morning prayer and cell group.

When I graduated from high school, I served in the church for two years. Although I was not given a salary, I was willing and determined to serve the Lord. For everything that I had done, I did for God; it was an offering to God. It was not done for personal gain, but I did it to thank the Lord for His grace to raise me and bless me with a new life. Presently, I am still serving the Lord and have grown to work together as a team with the others in church. I help to take care of various ministries and assist Pastor Jansuda and Teacher Mon. Whether it is helping in Sunday school, teaching children in the weekday evenings, helping with church paperwork, or serving in the worship team, it is all God’s grace to me.

I thank the Lord for His love for me and I have received many opportunities from God. I was once a sinner but now I am a child of God and have learnt to do many new things. I am applying to go to Bible College so that I can serve God as a full-time staff in church. I want to dedicate myself in service to the Lord as a thanksgiving for His care and blessings over me. I hope to be a missionary one day.


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Dear Tippawarn, Thank you for sharing your very inspiring testimony. Praise God for touching and transforming your life in and through Christ. As the Lord continues to lead you, may He light up the path ahead and show you His direction for your life. As you prepare to serve Him in full time Christian ministry, may your church continue to encourage and support your endeavour. Take care. God bless! Shalom.

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