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by Sister Z, 87-year-old church member.

I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live. (John 11:25, ESV)

It was early spring and the temperature was unusually cold for this time of the year.

Sadly, we received a request to arrange for a funeral for Sister Z, a 87-year-old church member. She was suffering from liver failure and the doctor told her family that she had only a few days to live. Her son, who is also a Christian and a doctor, wanted a grand funeral for her. We were told to get ready and prepare for the worse to happen. Immediately, we mobilised the church to pray for her and we also prepared ourselves to visit her before she was to be called back to the Lord.

When we visited her in the hospital, she had many tubes inserted into her and she was also on a feeding tube. She could not talk. And looking at her condition, it was only a matter of time she would pass on. Some church members were with us for the hospital visitation. We prayed over her and held fast to our faith. We prayed for a special healing for Sister Z although looking at her condition, it would only get worse. After our prayers, we went home to prepare ourselves for the funeral. We contacted the undertaker and prepared the funeral props.

That night, Sister Z had a dream. In her dream, she saw four evil spirits around her. They were waiting to snatch and drag her away. As she was dying away, a tall bright white figure appeared to her. This bright figure began to kick the evil spirits away from her. After those evil spirits ran away, a bright light overwhelmed her and she felt a warm feeling in her spirit.

The next day, when she woke up, the doctor was surprise that all her vital signs were back to normal. And all the tubes were subsequently removed from her body. Miraculously, she was able to be discharged from the hospital the next day!

We visited her again, this time at her home. She was able to walk and was in high spirit. She told us how Jesus healed her. Apparently, she had passed away that fateful night but was revived two hours later. We believe that God had given her a new lease of life to share this testimony of her miraculous resurrection and healing.

It is summer now. And so far, we have not heard of any funeral arrangement to be made. Sister Z has regained her health. We praise God for the amazing healing she has received. Glory to God!


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Praise God for the miraculous encounter with our Risen Lord! Indeed, as the church prayed and held on to the faith, the Lord honored it. Let's pray that Sister Z will have many more good years to live, and her testimony will bring many to the Lord! Let's also pray that the faith of those who had witnessed the miracle will be strengthened deeply! To God be the glory!

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