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Prayers Change Things

by Phloysuay Thanjay (Linjee), Member of the Thungyao Preaching Point, Thailand.

I am from a family that has no Christian. I came to know about God when I was in Primary 2 when I went to the Paddy Plant Club (PP Club) at the Thungyao community.

My uncle, who was then the village head, was the one who introduced me to the PP Club. At that time, there were only four to five children attending the club activities. It was lots of fun playing games, singing songs, and enjoying snacks. But I was not really interested in God even though we were taught about God every Saturday at the PP Club.

When I was in Primary 5, one of my friends, who was a Christian, told me “in the end, those who are not Christians will have to all go to hell.” I was very offended by that statement as it insinuated that my family and I must go to hell. However, I started to think about what I had learnt. And I began to believe that there was truth in the words of my friend. In the end, I decided to believe and got baptised when I was in Primary 6.

After I became a Christian, I started praying and God answered many of my prayers. One example was my desire to lose some extra weight. When I had to move to another school, and the tuition fee became more expensive. I realised that I need to be more careful with my spending because my mother was the sole breadwinner of the family. So I decided to use my 20 baht daily allowance on lunch alone, and not to spend it on snacks. As a result, I lost weight. I could not believe that I could lose as much as 10 kilograms by not snacking. My friends were also amazed and wondered how I did it. However, I knew this must have been the plan of God.

When I was in Secondary 2, many issues started to arise in my life. Everything looked gloomy and grey. I was often discouraged and depressed, and for about one month, I wanted only to be alone. As I was in a cell group of the church, everyone prayed for me regularly. Thankfully, my outlook on things started to improve and I felt more encouraged without having to seek medical help. God started working in my heart. He changed me from a spoiled child (who was short-tempered, quick to anger, impolite in speech, selfish, and self-seeking all the time) to a person who started to be concerned about others. Being more mature in my thoughts and words, I became more loving and brought smiles to the people around me. All my friends started to nickname me “pastor” because I was able to give advice to others.

This year, I am 17 years old and studying the Science and Math stream at grade 11. This is extremely difficult but God is leading me. I hope to be a teacher to teach children in the future. Even if I do not become a teacher, I will try my best and continue to commit myself to God. I go to church regularly and I am teaching at the PP Club where I found God - so that these PP Club children will also come to know about God.


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Dear Linjee, Thank you for your inspiring testimony. I am glad to learn of your encounter with Christ and that you have found meaning and purpose in life. As you work and study hard, I pray that our Lord will provide the necessary resources and opportunities to do well and that you will shine as light to the community (PP Club) and nation, Thailand. Shalom.

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