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Knowing God More Intimately

by Ked, Member of Little Candles Methodist Church in Phrao, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I came to know Jesus when I was 12 years old while I was studying in Year 7. I went to church because my friend invited me to join the English classes that were conducted at Phrao Liberty Church. My mom let me attend the English classes because my English was poor, and she wanted me to improve my English.

The first time I attended the English class was on Christmas Day 2011. The church held a Christmas outreach, and that night was the first time I came to understand the true meaning and importance of Christmas. Before that, Christmas only meant Santa Claus to me because I grew up in a non-Christian family.

When my Sunday School teacher told me that “God is Father “, this phrase made me feel happy. My father left me when I was six years old but I was glad to know that there was a heavenly Father who loved me. I could not remember what love from a father was like because I was still very young when my father left me. My Sunday School teacher challenged me to pray to God so that I would know Him. Four months later, I started going to church. That was the beginning of my relationship with God.

At that time, my life was also so constantly filled with difficulties and suffering that sometimes I did not know how I could get through my day. Once, my mother even thought of killing herself because she had many debts and she did not have money to pay for my school fees. She was not thinking straight and thought I could use the insurance payout to clear our debts. There were only two people in my family - my mom and I - and we did not have any kin to seek help from. I was worried that if she died, I would be all alone. So, I told her I that would join her to die but she had to first allow me to finish my Primary 6 within a year and say good bye to my friends. She agreed, but as time passed, God worked in her heart and brought her to know Christ also. The thoughts of suicide subsided.

After my mother and I came to know Jesus, our lives began to change for the better. We were able to surrender our problems to Jesus and trust that He can help us through all our difficulties. Now even though we continue to face challenges in our lives, we are no longer so worried because we know that Jesus can help us to overcome them.

In 2016, I transferred to Little Candles Methodist Church, and after graduating from high school, I decided to study at the Bible Seminary in Bangkok. I have now reached my 3rd year of studies as of 2021. At my seminary, I have learnt many things, and I have had a great opportunity to practise and learn different aspects of being a servant for Christ. This includes living an intimate life with God while doing ministry, and knowing the Bible more. As a result, God's calling for my life has become much clearer to me.

One day, I hope that everything I have learnt will benefit the church. I know that God has a plan for me. When I feel tired, I find encouragement in Philippians 1:6: “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”


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Thank you for your encouragement ☺️🙏 May God bless you and keep your family safe always 💗


Dear Ked, Thank you for your inspiring testimony. Praise God that both your mother and yourself are growing steadily in your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ . Be encouraged as you look to Him for wisdom in your studies and opportunities to serve Him. Take care. God bless! Shalom.

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