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Come Back To God

When my daughter, Ked, was 12 years old, she started to attend a church after being invited by her friends to join an English camp. Back then, my family was having problems with debt. I was confused and frustrated, and I was contemplating suicide with my daughter.

One day, Ked invited me to join a church service. She said to me “I want you to receive salvation like me.” At that time, I thought ‘salvation’ meant that all my debt would be gone. So, I started to go to church and accepted Jesus Christ, and I was baptised without knowing the real meaning of ‘salvation’. The pastor in that church requested me to read the bible and have devotion with God every day but I did not like it. Although I felt uncomfortable going to that church, I still went for four years because my daughter wanted me to go.

There was a time when Ked could not attend the Sunday church services, as she needed to catch up on her Year 11 schoolwork with her friends over the weekends. That church became so negative towards her to the point that she did not want to go there anymore. I, too, was stumbled because of their words. So I went back to my former faith and started going to the temple again.

However, Ked still wanted to be a Christian, and she started to look for a new church. Her friends, Cindy and Mon, invited her to the Little Candles Methodist Church. Then, my daughter asked me, “Will you let me go to the Little Candles Methodist Church?” I allowed her to go, and began to send her there on Sunday mornings before going back to my work selling fried bananas. One day, when she came back after the church service, she said to me, “Mom, the pastor there is concerned that you left God, and they told me that your face looks unhappy. I would like to invite you to go to church with me again.” So I said “Okay.”

I first visited Little Candles Methodist Church on the last week of January in 2018. I felt so happy as the church members received me with smiles. During praise and worship, I cried because the meaning of the songs touched my heart. One song invited me to come back to God. I reflected upon my old life, and on how I had left God, and that I should come back to Him again.

After that day, my life changed. I became excited to go to church, enjoyed reading the bible, and started to wake up early to do devotion and talk to God every morning. And I gave my life to Jesus once more on 1 March 2018. I have never felt so much peace in my heart since then. I also understood the true meaning of “salvation”, which Ked had previously asked me to receive together with her.

The salvation I have now is not being out of debt; it is the fact that I am free from sin because Jesus died on the cross for me. Even though we continue to face difficulties in our lives, I am no longer so worried. I have offered my life to God and will always serve Him because I know that He will not leave Ked and me.

Since then, I am serving God at the Little Candles Methodist Church with Pastor Daniel and the team of church staff. I am the manager at the girls’ boarding house run by the church, and I also cook for the church staff. Ked is now in her 4th year at the Bangkok Bible Seminary.

I thank God that He met me that day, and called back His child to be with Him again.


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Lyndon Gan
Lyndon Gan
Sep 30, 2021

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พระองค์ทรงเป็นป้อมปราการของข้าพเจ้า ข้าพเจ้าจะไม่มีวันหวั่นไหว สดุดี 62:1-2


Dear Mea Auy, Praise God for the encouraging and inspiring testimony on the manner in which you have found faith in Christ. I am glad that you and your daughter Ked are enjoying the fellowship @LIttle Candles MC. Keep up your faith . Be of good cheer. The Lord is with you all. Shalom.

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