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by Ps Khadka Sodemba, Emmanuel Methodist Church, Badamtar, Nepal.

Before believing in God, I smoked cigarettes and tobacco. With such a lifestyle, I fell sick in June 1996. I could not sleep and lost my appetite. In fact, I became disinterested in everything. An unbearable burning sensation would run through from my feet to my head. My bloated stomach would have intolerable pain that felt like bits of nails and broken glass pieces. My shoulders had such a sharp pain that caused me to hiccup continually. Everything seemed to be normal when I was talking to my male friends. However, out of nowhere, a female hand with painted nails would appear between them and it would start to tremble. I did not care if my friends were there or not but I would run away out of fear.

A believer, Yusuf Lawati, heard of my condition and shared the gospel with me. He said, “See, friend, nothing will change even with your offering and sacrificing of goats and ducks. Come with me and follow my religion; you will surely be healed.” However, I did not want to believe in Jesus Christ. I also did not care about nor like this religion. Eventually, Yusuf Lawati stopped visiting me.

Although I constantly consulted many shamans, I became sicker by the day. I was reduced to skin and bones; and my neighbours predicted that I was not going to live long. I also suffered financially. Together with my wife, our three sons and a daughter, we stayed in someone else’s land. It was hard to make ends meet. It would be terrible if I died.

One day, a monk wandered around our house and asked if anyone in the house was sick. I lied and answered that no one was sick. He then predicted that a sick person tormented with spiritual attacks would die in 22 days! After he said that, I confessed that I was that sick person. He could even tell that I was 37 years old with one daughter and three sons. He advised me to be ready for my imminent death, and to eat whatever I wanted because there was no remedy.

After he left, I laid down, thinking I would die soon. Suddenly, I saw a vision. In the vision, I was wrapped in white cloths and tied with green bamboo shoots on three sides. Then about three to four hundred naked people took me to the Timai River, east of my house. These people said that they would eat me up. Although my chains in the bamboo shoots were released, I could not escape because I was fearful. Right at that moment, from the north side of the Timai River, I saw two men appear. They were dressed in white, carrying staffs and bags in their hands and wrapped in shawls. As the naked people were about to devour me, these two men shouted, “Leave!” And the naked people gave way to the two men who then instructed me, “Get up, son, and follow me!” I quickly followed them while the naked people were stunned. Finally, I became free from those who were trying to eat me.

After that vision, my hardened heart was contrite. I began to believe in Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. It was in September 1996 when I was 37 years old. Miraculously, I was healed of all my diseases; I was released from all the chains. Since then, I joined the fellowship at Mahimit Methodist Church.

In 2011, the Badamtar fellowship needed an evangelist and I responded to the call. With prayer, Rev Gopal Khanal and Rev Chandra Bomjan handed over to me the responsibility. Currently, I am serving at Emmanuel Methodist Church in Badamtar. God continued to pour His grace upon me. Now, I am 63 years old and I still experience God’s grace in my life as I serve Him. May God’s name be glorified forever!


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Dear Pas Khadka, Thank you for sharing such a life transforming testimony. Indeed, we praise God that as we surrender ourselves to Him, He shall bless and direct our steps. May your church serve as a beacon of Light and that many hearts be led to Christ our Lord and Saviour! May the Holy Spirit continue to bless you, your family and ministry. To God be the glory!

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