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by David Chan, Principal of St Paul Methodist School and MMS Missionary in Timor-Leste.

Like elsewhere in the world, prices of essentials have escalated in Timor-Leste due to COVID-19 and the Ukraine war. Our staff team in St Paul Methodist School (SPMS) struggles to cover the increased expenditures even with their monthly salary. To encourage the teachers, bus drivers, and support staff in the school, I prayed for God to meet their needs so the staff would know that our God is Almighty, who sees and will provide.

Amazingly, just a week later, MMS received a cheque of $10,000! The donor designated $5,000 for SPMS’ school operations and $5,000 for staff support. This was an answered prayer! God knew what we needed even when we did not! That was because, in the same week, two of our SPMS school buses had broken down. The $5,000 donation to SPMS helped with the unanticipated need to purchase spare parts and tires, and to repair the buses. Praise God!

With the unexpected contribution of $5,000 to staff support, SPMS was able to give a one-time bonus to all staff. It was an encouragement for them to persevere on for their faithful service in SPMS. The bonus was given on 19 May in celebration of Timor-Leste's 20th Anniversary of Restoration of Independence Day.

The following was a message from a teacher, testifying what a faithful and loving God we serve.

“Hi Mr Chan. Thank you for the blessing today. God is good, this morning my younger brother was in need of money for his research, but I haven't enough money. I prayed, I believe God will provide. And He provided it through Mr Chan and God’s family today. I was crying after taking the envelope coz remembering me of God's goodness. Even though sometimes I follow my own way but God still loves me so much. Thank you for blessing, the lesson and everything.”

All glory be to God! Our donor’s obedience to God’s prompting to give has become a blessing to many in the field. This serves as a great encouragement to the missionaries too because we know that the body of Christ is supporting them in prayer and practical support as they serve in the front line. Praise God for the partnership!

Please pray for the SPMS teachers to persevere in their call to educate and create an impact for the next generation. Pray for our partners in the Great Commission who will give of their time and resources as led by God.


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Dear David, Thank you for sharing the testimony of God who truly provides. We are pleased that the staff and some operational needs of the school were met through this provision. In addition, we obtained the final approval to proceed with the construction of the SPMS last night. Praise be to God for blessing us through the many years of preparing for this very day! The journey ahead continues to be challenging. Let's hold fast to the promises of God and look to Him to lead, direct and provide the resources to meet the needs. Let's also continue to strengthen the team work as we serve Christ in the unity of the Spirit.

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