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by Keit Maiya, Joy Hostel, Cambodia.

Before staying at Joy Hostel, Maiya had never heard about Jesus. She only came to hear about the Good News of Christ when she joined Joy Hostel in 2018. In her first year at Joy Hostel, she could not really understand what the Christians were doing, such as worshipping with songs, Bible reading, small group Bible study, or big group devotion meetings at Joy Hostel or in church.

In the second year, she slowly started to make links with about 20% of the Bible to what seemed like the scripture that she was taught to believe from childhood. As time went by, Maiya gained more and more knowledge and she was able to understand more and more of the Good News of Christ through the various spiritual programmes in Joy Hostel and church.

Maiya found one thing that was different from her childhood faith, and that is salvation in Jesus Christ. She discovered that Jesus could save her from her sin if she believed and put her faith in Him. Although Maiya said she believed, she was not ready to pray the prayer to receive Christ yet.

In 2021, Maiya went through many new experiences, both good and bad. July 2021 was a turning point in her life and she would always remember it. She went to the hospital for a PCR test and later received a call from the hospital informing her that she was COVID-19 positive. Upon hearing the news, she broke down and cried. She was so afraid; the fear of the disease and the fear of being rejected by people around her weighed heavily on her mind. It was at this lowest point in her life that she experienced God being by her side. She could feel that God, who made everything, did not abandon her. God healed her from COVID-19 and she was soon well. Ever since she started to put her faith in Jesus, her life was changed. She began to have a more positive outlook on everything that happened to her and everyone around her.

Maiya’s faith is growing day by day. Now, she is able to share the Gospel with others, especially during the hostel outreach programmes. She is able to sing, recite Bible verses and the Lord’s Prayer from memory, and lead others during the daily devotion.


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Dear Keit Maiya, I am so pleased to learn of your discovery of learning and accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Praise God for leading through a crisis such as Covid-19. May the Lord continue to surround you with His endless love and amazing grace as you bear witness to His Light at Joy Hostel and whenever you are. Take care. God bless. Shalom!

Me gusta
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