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by Prabesh Rai, Member of Football Ministry, Love In Action, Nepal.

Namaste! My name is Prabesh Rai.

First, I would like to give thanks to coach Pranish Darji who came from Kathmandu to conduct the “Love In Action” football coaching sessions. I was personally blessed and I had learnt so many things from him. Along with football, he taught us about our God who loves us and the character we should have even at our young age. I had never learnt these things before, and brother Pranish taught us in such a way that had changed my life and my way of thinking. I will try to apply the lessons that I had learnt from “Love In Action” in my daily life.

When I first started the programme, I had a lot of questions in my mind. I was at a loss as I did not have the answers. I used to doubt myself in many areas of my life and did not have a focus. “Love In Action” had really helped me to open my heart. And I began to feel comfortable and I was able to share my thoughts and seek the answers to my doubts. I am happy that through the follow-up programme, I could continue to learn more and to be blessed. My life is changing and all thanks to the “Love In Action” programme.


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