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by Pranish Darji, Coach of Football Ministry, Love In Action, Nepal.

Jaimashi and Shalom to everyone. My name is Pranish Darji and I am happy to share my testimony.

I would like to give thanks to God for the privilege to conduct our Football Ministry, Love In Action, and to MCN for supporting and encouraging me. The Football Ministry is part of our Youth Ministry’s “Love In Action” programme.

Our Love In Action 1 programme was conducted in June 2022. The objective was to share the gospel with teenage boys in the Surunga district, East Nepal. With the support and assistance from Siyon MC and Rev Pradip Limbu, we conducted an eight-day programme and carried out follow-up work with the teenage boys who responded to the call.

Love In Action 1 enabled us to reach out to the community and to share God’s love amongst the youth. Not only were we able to provide good football coaching but we also had the opportunity to share the gospel. The programme helped us to build good relationships with the young boys and youth.

I am happy to report that two or three are now coming to church regularly. The Love In Action 1 programme impacted the surrounding community and opened doors for evangelism.

I look forward to conducting the Love In Action 2 programme in 2023 as we reach out to the young boys and youth in the community around our churches. Please pray alongside us!


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Dear Pranish, Praise God for your vision of reaching the youths with your Football ministry. May the Love in Action 2 bless and draw many to Christ! Be encouraged as you sow the seeds of the Gospel, and be inspired by the Spirit that will ultimately draw all to Himself. Shalom!

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