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by Jasmine Lama, Graduate of Sophia’s Home, Nepal. She is currently serving as the Finance Executive for MCN and MSN.

I was brought to Sophia’s Home due to my family’s poor financial situation. I came from a village in a rural part of West Nepal. It was about 415 km from Kathmandu, and it would take five days to get there by bus. And it was too expensive to travel by air due to the hazardous mountainous terrain. There was no church at that place where I came from, and my family had another religion.

On hindsight, I feel blessed to know Christ through Sophia’s Home. When I turned 20, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life and received baptism. Seeing God’s work in my life made me grow closer to Him.

Every visit back to my village deepens my love for the Lord as I ponder on my blessings and the new life in Christ. To be able to come from such a faraway place to Sophia’s Home was a miracle. I was blessed with a good education, a godly environment, and a family I did not know I needed. It was such a wonderful blessing and a gift from God.

I stayed for 14 years and graduated from Sophia’s Home in 2018. Even then, Sophia’s Home still holds a special place in my heart. My childhood was extremely fun with many memories enough to last a lifetime. I learnt a lot about life and God from the big sisters and graduates. Now as a graduate myself, I try my best to teach and assist my younger sisters in Sophia’s Home.

Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor degree in a Business Studies course. And I am also working part time as the Finance Executive for the Methodist Church in Nepal (MCN) and Methodist Society Nepal (MSN). Working at MCN and MSN has allowed me to serve God as well as to continue my studies while looking after myself. I am grateful that God has blessed me with this job so that I am able to balance my work and studies.

I feel that God is my forever helper. He is always stepping in to help and bless me. I am always grateful to Him and His people who have been involved in changing my life. I will remain in His unconditional love as I serve in the Worship Team in church. I hope to be the daughter that He is proud of. I hope to sing of His love and to count my blessings. I am blessed to be a blessing.


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Dear Jasmine, Jaimasi. Praise God for His blessings! I am inspired to learn of your wonderful encounter with the Lord and your meaningful and memorable time growing up @Sophia's Home. I am so glad that you are actively serving in the Lord's ministry as well as pursuing a Bachelor's Degree Course. I pray for the Lord's continued favor and anointing to be upon you. I hope I will have the opportunity to meet you during my trip in October. Take care. Shalom .

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