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12 Minutes in Heaven

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

by Sasitorn, Member of the Little Candles Methodist Church in Phrao, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Sasitorn Pukmanee is a 76-year-old believer in Jesus Christ. In November 2019, she had a divine experience of having the opportunity to taste heaven for 12 minutes. (Ps Apple of Little Candles Methodist Church interviewed her and recorded down her account in September 2021.)

While working in her garden, Sasitorn got a mosquito bite on her left leg that caused a wound. When she went to see the doctor, she found that she had severe diabetes. The doctor said she needed urgent surgery because the wound caused by the mosquito bite had developed into an infection.

When we heard this piece of news, every one of the brothers and sisters at our church prayed for her. A visiting team from Charis Methodist Church in Singapore was running a healing conference at Little Candles School at that time and they prayed too.

Later that evening, the doctor pierced the leg and made an incision in the shin. Then Sasitorn fell asleep, unconscious. She stopped breathing for 12 minutes, and the doctors and nurses thought that she was dead. But we continued to pray for her.

During the 12-minute pause, Sasitorn had the opportunity to visit heaven. She said it was very beautiful. She saw angels surrounding her. They were neither female nor male, but all were dressed in white and she could not see their faces. She wondered why she felt so happy and had no pain in her body, even though she frequently struggled with sickness and hurting. Moreover, she felt no sadness at all; just joy and peace. Then, she realised that God had taken her to heaven.

Back in the hospital ward, the doctor was asking her daughter if she wanted her mother to be resuscitated by pumping her heart. Her daughter agreed, and after a few moments, Sasitorn's breathing and consciousness came back again.

When she came to her senses, she gave thanks to God for the opportunity to experience heaven. She attributed her resuscitation to Jesus - her Saviour and Doctor - whom Sasitorn has been following for many years. She was filled with confidence that God would be with her as she continued to fight her illness. Even when the doctor was concerned that she would have to amputate her leg, Sasitorn held on strongly to the hope that God would not allow that to happen. Her persistent trust in God saved her and in the end, the operation was no longer deemed necessary.

Even while she was still recovering from her illness, Sasitorn began proclaiming the Gospel. It started from her bedside neighbours in the hospital ward, to the people of her hometown Phrao when she was discharged two months later.

She tells everyone whom she meets that heaven is real, and that she is sure that Jesus is going to make a place for all believers to be with Him. She encourages all to have faith and serve God together because heaven is waiting for us. She intends to proclaim this as her service to the Lord until the day she leaves this world forever.

Note from Ps Daniel Loo: I had a chance to visit Sasitorn in her ICU ward a day after she was resuscitated. Her chest was still much in pain from the chest compressions, and she had an oxygen tube in her nose to assist her with her breathing. My wife and I held her hand and sang her favourite song out aloud, “Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning… keep me burning till the end of day.” When she heard the singing, she began to thump her hand in unison with the beat of the song, and even attempted to sing along as well until she realised the oxygen tube was still in her throat. We told her to rest and let us do the singing for her; at which she listened with tears rolling down the side of her face. Even until now, her enthusiasm for the Lord has not abated one bit. Indeed, the Lord has kept her burning until the end of day!


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Dear Sasitorn, Praise God for such an incredible experience! I thank the Lord for the faith that you have demonstrated in Him and for the joy that God has given to you. Let's shout the praise of God to our neighbors and community. As we declare His love, we pray that more will come to know and accept Christ as Lord! Take care of yourself. Continue to inspire others with your testimony. The Lord be with you, now and always. Blessed New Year! Shalom.

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