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MMS Intro Brochure LEARN ABOUT MMS Mission, Vision and our Strategies. Together we can make a difference and fulfil Christ's Great Commission.
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Blessed Easter
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The latest issue of HARVEST FORCE (2014 issue 1) is out!
The focus of this issue is on VIETNAM! Chúa chúc phước! God Bless You!



The latest issue of PrayerConnect (January - April 2014) is out.
Please join us to pray for our mission work in the seven countries.



Together We Can Make A Difference!
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Post-COSI Integration Programme (PCOSIIP) is a programme to help the COSI kids in Cambodia successfully transition from a sheltered environment back into society.
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Click here to watch a short clip.
Check out a blog done by Pentecost Methodist Church young adults mission team.

updated on 3 April 2014

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