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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

How has your Circuit Breaker been so far? It is very likely that you are working from home or staying at home to maintain social distancing. And Zoom is quickly becoming one of the platforms for you to use to connect with your family and friends.

MMS is now offering you some free Zoom Virtual Backgrounds to either disguise your messy work area or just have some fun. Some of us may also miss our trips to the mission fields due to the current COVID-19 situation. We hope these images will bring the harvest fields a little closer to us. And may we continue to remember to pray for these mission fields.


Go ahead and use these free images for your Zoom meetings.
Click on each image for a simple description.
Scroll through the thumbnails in the gallery to view other images.



Hover over the image.
To 'LOVE', click 
To 'DOWNLOAD', click 
To 'SHARE', click 


And if you have some nice photos of our MMS mission fields to share with others as Zoom backgrounds, please email to And put "Sharing Zoom Virtual Background" as the email subject title.

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