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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I arrived in Nepal in February 2019. It was a whole new season and experience in my life. I remember vividly that night as I laid down on my bed at the rented apartment. I stared at the ceiling and asked myself, “Why am I here?” Before departing from Malaysia, I was very determined to bring the Gospel to the unreached people in Nepal. However, when I actually set foot in this country, I was somewhat lost. I did not know what I should do next. So I prayed for God to show me what to do by sending an ‘angel’ to guide me.

Amazingly, that ‘angel’ came to me the next day! He was my Country Director (CD). Frankly, I was extremely stressed out by our very first conversation. He asked all kinds of question that kept me speechless. Those same questions were the ones that I was asking myself on my first night in Nepal. He even challenged my responses. I did not know how I survived that conversation that lasted about four hours! I began to realise that actually the Lord had answered my prayer. He sent someone to guide me when I was lost. Although it was not how I had imagined it to be, this was what I prayed for. God is faithful. He knew what I needed and had provided the best for me.

The one thing I initially picked up on this journey in Nepal is “Discipleship”. I saw and followed my CD in the ministry to build a life of a disciple of Christ. We cycled everywhere that our ministry took us to. Sometimes, we cycled about seven hours to meet up with our national ministry staff.

Together with him, we had Bible study sessions with our evangelists, youth leaders, pastors, and some missionary families from East Asia. We communicated in whatever language that would bring our cultural sensitivities to a heightened understanding. The two of us also met up weekly for Bible study for our spiritual development. It was simply lots of Bible study! The principle is simple: Let God’s people indulge in His precious Word and, having been breathed upon, we will become His disciples.

This is something I can devote myself to do, for the sake of the Gospel and Kingdom of God. “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19a) I will continue to build up and encourage my Nepali brothers and sisters to be Jesus’s disciples so they can bring the Gospel to their nation.

I am truly blessed and I thank God for His grace and guidance upon me. Now I know the answers to my initial questions. I pray that God will give me strength to fulfil His plans for me. I am confident of His faithfulness, grace, and love to see me through this journey of faith that I have embarked.

May all praise and glory be to our God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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Dear Joe, Thank for responding to the call of God to share the Good News to the nations, and in particular Nepal. I have had an opportunity to meet you in Kathmandu just before the pandemic struck. My impression of you was positive as I witnessed your dedication to serve Him, together with the CD, AD and MCN pastors and leaders. While you await the opportunity to return to the field, may the Lord bless and guide your steps. Take care. Have a Blessed New Year. Shalom.

Me gusta
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