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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Rohan, age 30, and her husband are believers of another faith. They have a seven-year-old daughter and they came from Kampong Cham. More than 10 years ago, Rohan went with her husband to work in a neighbouring country. Her husband got into an accident, and because they were illegal immigrants, he could not seek treatment but had to return to Cambodia. After the surgery, they went back to the neighbouring country to work again. Her husband worked in construction, and Rohan did sewing jobs. But the police caught her and sent her to jail. Although she spent three months in prison, she went back to work again after being released from prison. Altogether, she spent five years working as an illegal migrant worker in the foreign country, playing hide and seek with the police. Finally, she returned to Cambodia when she was pregnant with her daughter. Rohan could not find employment in the village and tried small businesses like selling food. She borrowed money to start her business but the food business could not take off and she had to borrow from another moneylender to pay her debt. Very soon, she found herself embroiled in the web of debts, borrowing from one to return to another. The interest rates were very high, and realising that she could never pay off all the debts, she took her daughter and escaped to Phnom Penh. She came to stay with her sister-in-law, Chab Earn. Both their husbands are brothers, and they are hawking outside factories selling snacks.

Chab Earn, age 44, is a Christian for 16 years. She has been sharing Christ and trying to bring Rohan to church. However, Rohan was quite resistant to the idea of going into a church. Chab Earn taught her how to crochet the tote bags, and she picked up the skill very quickly. She followed Chab Earn to the church one morning to attend a Flourish weekly meeting. Rohan was attentive when the gospel was shared. She told Chab Earn that she loved to be in the meeting and enjoyed listening to the sharing. She felt acceptance and love. Chab Earn has been a great instrument used by God to bring other ladies to church and to join the Flourish ministry.

Thank God for the great privilege to share the gospel freely! May God continue to use Flourish to reach out to believers and pre-believers. May Rohan experience the love and care of God as the team reaches out to her. May God use more people like Chab Earn to draw people unto Himself.


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Thank you Earn for sharing your testimony. Praise God for the faith that you have exhibited in Him. Thank you for encouraging others like Rohan to the Gospel. The Lord bless and keep you, Rohan and your families as you grow in faith in Christ and continue to flourish by His Grace. - PDL

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