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Renew my Mind

by Soeng Chan, Worshipper at The Third Place, Odem, Cambodia.

I come from Oddar Meanchey Province, Cambodia. Currently, I live in Phnom Penh in a rented house with my wife. I am in sales. We have two sons, and they live with their old grandmother in the province.

I used to think that people are dishonest, deceivers, and liars. I once believed that people are poor because of their actions, and that they have no purpose in life.

One day, by chance, I met Brother Tharoath, who shared the Good News of Jesus Christ. He shared that God is our only hope in life, He is our Saviour, and He will make a way for my family. Then I asked him if his God could help my two sons as they were in the province and unable to go to school while I tried to eke out a living to support ourselves. Brother Tharoath then began to teach me and show me how to pray, and encouraged me to go to Odem church to worship God. So I started going to Odem church to learn more about God.

One month later, I received a piece of good news: God had answered my prayer with regard to the education for my two sons. A Christian school in Takhmao has offered my two sons a full scholarship as well as a place to stay. I told my wife about this good news and God’s miracle, and both of us decided to accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

She has also joined me to worship God in Odem church. We are so happy that our two sons can study and also learn about God in the Christian school. I am also glad to study God’s Word with Brother Tharoath every week and I would like to serve God together with him.

I no longer view things as I did in the past before I know God. Thank God for renewing my mind.


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1 Comment

Dear Soeng Chan, Praise God for your discovery of faith in Jesus Christ and the joy of answered prayers for your family, especially for your son's education. May the Lord continue to bless and direct your path as you grow in love towards God, your family, church @Odem, community and yourself.

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