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Ready for the Master’s Use

by Chanthon Thav, Student of Cambodian Methodist Bible School, Cambodia.

Together with his two older brothers, Chanthon was admitted to Community Outreach Service – Immanuel (COSI) in 2002 when he was four years old. His mother brought him, his two brothers, and a younger sister to seek for help at COSI. She was a victim of domestic violence and was able to send the boys to COSI.

Chanthon studied until Grade12 and found a job upon graduation. He stayed in the church together with another Post-COSI boy to help the pastor in assisting the church ministry and maintaining the premises of the church. The pastor made them his disciples and mentored both of them.

He is gifted in music and children ministry. During his three years in the COS-Youth Hostel, he served in Antioch Methodist Church (AMC) as a musician playing the guitar and piano.

During school holidays, while staying at home, he would invite the neighbourhood children to his house to coach them in their studies as well as to teach them Christian songs and tell Bible stories. He felt the call to serve the Lord in full-time ministry.

In 2021, when the Cambodian Methodist Bible School announced for the enrolment of new students, he applied and passed the entry examination.

He started his three-year theological study in November 2021. And he was assigned to Antioch Methodist Church for field attachment. There, he teaches in the Sunday School and leads the worship team. May he continue to grow and be equipped for the Master’s use.


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May God bless journey bro


His name Chanthorn Tha


Dear Chanthon Thav, I am so glad to read your wonderful testimony. Praise God for His blessings upon your life and may the Lord bless your desire to be equipped to serve in the ministry of the church. The Lord's wisdom and favor be upon you. Shalom!

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