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Increase our Faith!

I teach Chinese to a group of neighbourhood children in Odem during weekday afternoons. These children also attend our children’s ministry on Sunday mornings. After the Chinese lessons, they like to hang around and play games with one another.

One day, while playing hide and seek, one of the girls, Sana, got hurt when she stepped on a rusty nail. The children assisted her as she cried and hobbled to the toilet to wash her injured foot, which was bleeding badly. One of the boys, Raan, came running to the classroom to inform me that the girl was hurt. By then, a commotion was building up in the toilet. I brought Sana to the classroom, seated her down, and tried to get hold of first aid.

Pisey, a mature and responsible girl, without any prompting, quickly ran home to get a bottle of alcohol and some plasters. Together we cleaned and covered Sana’s wound while the rest gathered around to comfort her. Then I told the children, “Let’s pray for Sana. Let us ask God to heal her. Let us pray that there will not be any infection. Is there anyone who would like to pray for her?” Many hands shot up instantly but they were also a little shy and unsure about how to pray. While smiling sheepishly, their hands started to come down slowly.

Finally, Pisey braved it and declared that she would pray. Her prayer was peppered with a giggle here and there, and some short pauses while trying to find the words to say. Nevertheless, on the whole, she did quite a good job! “Amen!” everyone chorused at the end.

It warm my heart to see faith taking root in the children’s hearts. This is especially so because they live in a neighbourhood that has vices like drinking, gambling, drugs, etc. We believe these children will rise above their current circumstances. They will grow up knowing and loving the Lord. And they will be the salt and the light in wherever God would have them to be.


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Dear Carol, Thank you for teaching and inspiring the children @Odem. The seeds sown shall bear much fruit in due season. Keep encouraging them to focus on the Lord for peace, strength, wisdom and love. Keep up your great spirit of service. Take care. Shalom.

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