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by Nataaypue Ca-nu, Member of Santi Methodist Church, Thailand.

On one occasion, I was feeling breathless and had no strength. And I had to requested for my neighbours to send me to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor said that my lungs were damaged; they had become black and grew smaller. This was the result of smoking opium every day. The condition grew from bad to worse. The doctor put me on a ventilator and informed my relatives to expect the worst because it was no longer curable. If oxygen was removed, I would die immediately because I could not breathe anymore. And they requested for my relatives to sign a consent.

My relatives did not know what to do and became fearful. They were also feeling sorry for me. So, they decided to contact the pastor in the church to help pray for me. On the phone, the pastor prayed over me. It was about seven in the evening at that time. The next morning, the doctor inspected me and said that my condition was improving! And so, he removed the ventilator. The doctor also said that I could be discharged in two to three days.

I believe that God had healed me. After smoking opium for more than 20 years, I now no longer yearn for it and I have decided to totally stop smoking it. I am thankful to God for healing me and I decided to accept Jesus as my Lord.

(Editor’s note: Nataaypue Ca-nu is a new convert at Santi Methodist Church, Thailand. She is 61 years old and will be baptised on 12 December 2022.


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Dear Nataaypue Ca-nu, Thank you for your inspiring testimony on the healing act of God in your life. Praise Him for His miracle and deliverance on opium addiction. I pray for you as you dedicate yourself towards Holy Baptism in December 2022. May His Spirit continue to strengthen and inspire you and that many others might be drawn to Christ as you share His love. Take care. Shalom.

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