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by Som Srey Oun, Post COSI Integrated Programme, Cambodia.

I stayed in COSI Children’s Home in 2009. I thank God for calling me to COSI as I was happy in COSI. COSI provided everything that I needed and most of all, I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. I graduated from Grade 9 in the year 2018. I am thankful that I could continue with High School while staying in COS-Youth Hostel. I had everything provided for me, including food, shelter, study, and security through COSI and COSY.

In 2019 because of COVID-19, school was closed and I had to study online. I was still grateful even though studying online was troublesome and difficult with the slow internet. I continued with online study until 2021, three months before the National Examinations when we went for onsite learning. The classes for the Grade 12 were open. We were in school for a while and just before the final school semester examinations, some youths in the hostel contracted the COVID-19 virus. The hostel was cordoned off for two weeks. Those of us in Grade 12 were in a dilemma. We had to go to school otherwise, we would not be allowed to take the National Examinations. The school principal turned down our request to take the exams online. In fact, he told us to repeat our Grade12.

We prayed, and God’s grace and love opened the door for us. News came that two of the school teachers were tested positive for COVID-19. So, the school had to be closed and all exams had to be held online! Praise the Lord for open door! Through this incident, we saw how in the face of problems, God can help us solve them through prayer. Our faith and trust in God were strengthened.

I have another answered prayer. I prayed to God that I could get a ‘C’ grade for my Grade 12 National Examinations. But God’s answer was beyond my expectation. When the results were out, I got a ‘B’ grade! Praise God! I was overjoyed. He gave me more than I could ever ask for. Now, I am studying in the Royal University of Phnom Penh. God is so good to me!


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Dear Srey Oun, I am so inspired to learn of your faith journey -COSI & COSY. Praise God for the extraordinary ways in which our Lord saw you through the major examinactions. May His Name be praised, and that you be rooted in your faith, and that many others upon hearing your testimonies will be drawn closer to Christ! Take care, May God continue to richly bless you in the years ahead! I am visiting Cambodia later today for a meeting with the Leaders of The Methodist Church of Cambodia Hope to see you during these few days. Shalom.

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