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by Barsha Bolokhe, Graduate of Sophia’s Home, Nepal. Currently, she is in her first year of MBBS.

This is my testimony of how God has miraculously helped and taken care of my every need.

My family has five members: my mother, brother, and two sisters. I lost my father at a young age. My whole family was overwhelmed with guilt after losing him. After that, our life was challenging; it was difficult for my mother to care for four children.

Even after my sister was sent to a hostel, our family continued to have financial problems. With the help of Uncle Sabashtain, I was taken to Sophia’s Home, where my life was totally changed. It had taught me many lessons through my ups and downs. I learnt to become independent and strong, to stay together in harmony, and (my favourite part of staying at Sophia’s Home) to share the bond of love, care, and support to achieve my dreams and goals.

Sophia’s Home was not like a hostel or orphanage home. It was a family staying together with joy, happiness, sorrow, grief, and enjoyment. I am always grateful to God that He allowed me an opportunity to go to Sophia’s Home where I stayed for 11 years. With proper environment, I was able to study and improve my studies. I was able to know God more closely. Although I grew up in a Christian family, I could not feel God’s love and presence in my life. However, when I stayed at Sophia’s Home, the frequent sessions of devotion, prayer, and reading of the Bible made me know God better. In 2016, I decided to be baptised.

Thank God that I was good at studying. So, I took Science as major subject in my higher secondary level. After that, I planned to prepare for my medical entrance exam. Unfortunately, I did not make it at my first try. But I knew God is always good and I prayed a lot because it was my dream to become a doctor. I wanted badly to study MBBS and went ahead to take the entrance exam again for the second time – with Uncle Sabashtain and my family’s support. Thank God I got good marks for this time!

The medical course is costly and my family had financial problems and was not able to pay a lot of money. However, God is my provider. He provided me with sponsors for my studies. God listened and answered to my prayer. And I am very much thankful to Him. I learnt that when I believe, seek Him and pray, God will open doors in my life. It might be impossible for you; but for God, nothing is impossible.

God knows what is best for you. He has a plan and purpose for everyone’s life. Life can be hard, but it is easy when we have God in our lives. We just need to pray. I am thankful to God as my life has become peaceful. I want to thank all the people who have supported, motivated, and helped me achieve my dreams.

Currently, I am studying MBBS in Nepalgunj, one of the hottest places in Nepal. In the beginning, it was very difficult for me to adjust. By the grace of God, everything is good now. He is leading me among my non-believer friends and teachers. In this place, God is doing amazing work in my life. I have found good friends, and I am thankful to my special friend Riya, who has continuously supported and motivated me since I am far from my family. My prayer is that I want to do something for God’s people in Nepal by being a successful doctor. There are rarely Christian doctors in Nepal. So, my aim is to conduct different medical camps in remote areas where there are poor health facilities. I want to share God’s love to the people who are on the wrong path and need God. Please pray for me and my studies.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my testimony. Thank you for reading my short testimony and I hope you are blessed. May God continue to bless you!


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Dear Barsha, Congratulations to you for achieving a significant milestone in your life's journey. Though your family was faced with various challenges, I praise God that He has blessed and directed your path. I am deeply encouraged by your desire to serve the poor and disadvantaged. May the Lord deepen that love, and through your service, many will come to learn and experience the love of God, and be drawn to follow Christ. I pray that He will continue to grant you wisdom in your pursuit of MBBS, and provide the necessary resources to complete the course. Stay joyous, healthy and always ready to testify about the love of Christ in your life. Shalom.

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