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God is a Miracle Worker

My father passed away when I was young and my mother was too poor to send me to school. So, she decided to send me to the Community Outreach Services-Immanuel Children’s Village (fondly known as COSI). I made many friends when I went to COSI. And on Sundays, we were taught about Jesus. During that time, I began to wonder and asked, “Who is Jesus?” and “Why did He give His life for us?”

One day, when I was in Grade 6, one of the boys asked me to play in a pond behind our house in COSI. I did not know how to swim at that time. After I jumped into the water, I felt my body beginning to sink, and I could not rise. I shouted within my heart, “Lord Jesus, please help me!” and closed my eyes. After a while, when I regained my consciousness, I found myself on land. Then I realised that I had experienced a miracle in my life for the first time. Since then, I started to believe in God.

Subsequently, when I was in Grade 11, I experienced another miracle of God. My mother was hospitalised due to a stroke. The doctor who treated her had no confidence that she would ever pull through. He thought that she might not live. Moreover, my family did not have the means to pay for her treatment. At that time, I put my faith and hope in God. I prayed that God would heal my mother, and may God’s will be done for her.

Thank God for COSI and COSY (COS-Youth Hostel) that helped to sponsor my mother’s hospitalisation. I was grateful also that the brothers and sisters in COSY prayed for her. I had faith and hope in God that He would answer my prayers. After giving treatment for some time, the doctor said that there was hope for my mother to recover. He remarked that it had never happened before for such patients like her to ever recover.

My faith was strengthened through the answered prayers. I was thankful that He heard my prayers as well as the prayers of all the brothers and sisters. I thank God for healing my mother. My mother was discharged from the hospital and she could get back to work after some time.

I give praise and thanks to God for He is truly my God and He loves me.


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Dear Atireach Chea, Thank you for sharing your testimony. It's so inspiring to know your personal encounters with Jesus and the prayers that were answered through the years. I am also glad that you have a positive and meaningful communal living in COSI and COSY. I pray that your faith in Jesus will continue to grow from strength to strengthen. Shalom.

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