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by Meas Sophea, Ex-Manager of Methodist Hostel, Cambodia.

My late grandmother asked if I was happy with my life in Cambodia. I replied, “I am happy where God wants me to be. I think here is where He wants me to be.”

This encounter was a few months into my service as the manager at the Methodist Hostel. Four and a half years later, my grandmother had since passed away, and here I was reflecting on the journey as I passed the baton to the next generation of young leaders.

The motto of Methodist Hostel is ‘Blessed to be a Blessing’. Indeed, I was blessed even as I was serving. Opportunities abounded to walk closely with the Lord and to learn to depend on Him. There were precious moments to share my learning and to learn about and from the hostel youth.

Through pockets of interaction, I got to know my wife, and from our marriage, Methodist Hostel welcomed the youngest ever occupant, our little Elisabeth. Her arrival signalled that the time was ripe for us to move on and set up a home for our small family. However, we were not ready to leave Methodist Hostel during the pandemic, as it was liken to abandon our own people during the difficult time. In fact, going through the difficult time together was a blessing in itself.

The blessings that I have recounted are not specifically mine only. Many of the hostel youth became couples, and tied the knot after finishing their tertiary education. They were blessed more than they could imagine: their spiritual eyes were opened. They came to meet God through His living word. They came to the knowledge of truth and experienced the saving grace of our Lord Jesus. Many of them are actively serving in their respective churches while a few are serving alongside me now. It is a joy and blessing to see the fruits of our labour.

Amongst those whom we have groomed, Noeurn Kanann is taking on the role of the next manager of the Methodist Hostel. He is a young engineer of great potential for the Lord’s work and a third-generation Christian in his family. He faces a challenging task of reaching out to and making disciples amongst the youth of his generation.

We seek your prayers for his team of young leaders that he will form. Pray for potential partnership opportunities with the pastors. Even as Kanann starts this new journey, may he persevere so that he may be able to enjoy the fruits of his labour and give glory to God!


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Dear Meas Sophea, Thank you for your lovely and inspiring testimony. Praise God for the wonderful encounters that you have had with the Lord at COSI. May these serve to encourage and inspire others to trust in Christ and abide in His Love. Take care and God's blessings be upon you and family as you move on to a new season of service. Wherever it might be, the Lord be with you. Shalom.

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