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Change the Hardest of Hearts

Some time ago, my wife, Amanda, and I got news that a church sister had moved out of her home in the middle of the night with her children. They had to seek refuge at a neighbour’s (also a church member) place because her husband had become violent.

We were surprised that her husband, who was also a regular worshipper at our church, had such tendencies, as he always seemed so mild. His wife had tolerated this for some years now, and could take it no longer. She was all set for divorce.

Her husband would bring friends home in the name of “reaching out to them.” But these friends often got drunk and made the house a mess. Once, one of them even made advances at her while her husband was out. Instead of defending her, he simply chided her for not understanding his “ministry”. He too, in his words, was ready to “let such a woman go.”

We quickly got them both to meet with us, with the hope of counselling them towards reconciliation. After a long conversation of sharing what God’s plan for marriage is, and correcting wrong priorities and misconceptions about ministry, the two agreed to make up. In addition, we prayed earnestly for them.

Weeks later, this sister reported that her husband had changed some habits and had started loving her in a way she never experienced before. She thought it amazing! And so did I. I was not so optimistic at first, but God has shown me that He can change even the hardest of hearts.

May the Lord continue to use us to save as many marriages as we can in the Thai society today by His power and His Word.


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Praise God for answering prayers for the transformation of hearts and minds. Thank you for the inspiring testimony, The Lord bless you, Amanda, children and ministry. Shalom.

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