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Answering God’s Call To Serve

by Sreyly, Pastor of Antioch Methodist Church, Cambodia.

Ps Sreyly came from a poor family with lots of problems and struggles at home. At one stage, she was so stressed that she even considered suicide. However, thank God that she found Jesus and gave her life to the Lord. At the age of 14, she received God’s calling to enter into full-time ministry. She simply waited and kept this in her heart as she was just a teenager.

In 2013, at the age of 16, she enrolled in Emmaus Women Centre (EWC) to learn dressmaking. Since her family was poor and EWC offered free lodging, food, and study, she committed one and a half years to EWC to learn the dressmaking skill. She was taught and spiritually nurtured by our missionary, Carol Ong, and the local ministry staff. Through her stay in EWC, she grew in the knowledge of the Word, prayer, and worship.

In 2014, she graduated from EWC. As she was not 18 years old yet, she was not eligible to work. So, she went to help out with some Christian work that provided her with a small allowance. In 2015, when she reached 18, instead of looking for a job, she decided to answer to the call of God when she was 14 by enrolling herself in Cambodian Methodist Bible School (CMBS) for three years of theological studies.

In 2018, she graduated from the CMBS and was assigned to one of the Methodist churches. In 2019, she was appointed as the Pastor of Antioch Methodist Church, which was where the youth of COSY Hostel attend.

Ps Sreyly may look small and weak physically but her faith is big and strong. She stays in the church alone most of the time although some church members may stay with her once in a while.

She oversees all the programmes in the church, including the Prayer Meeting, Youth Fellowship, Sunday School, and Worship Service.

Every Saturday, after the Youth Fellowship, together with the COSY youth, they go into the village to invite the children to Sunday School. Many of them indicated their desire to know God through whatever she taught and shared.

Her next faith project is to plan and raise fund for a church building. The church has been worshipping in a rented building for the last 10 years. Through the generosity of a donor, a piece of land was given to the Antioch church. The church managed to sell it and was able to adequately buy another piece of land nearby. It is the prayer of Ps Sreyly and the church members that they will be able to have their own church building, which will come with better facilities for growth and ministry.


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Dear Ps Sreyly , Thank you for sharing your journey and responding to God's call to serve as pastor . Praise God that He has led you to various people and places where you could encounter Christ in a special way. May the Lord continue to anoint you and grant you His favor as you commit yourself to Him and pastor the flock entrusted to your care. Take care. God bless. Shalom.

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