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by Pramila Yakha Rai, Member of Kushetar Outreach Point, Nepal.

I hear of the Gospel long ago but I did not think deeply about it. One day, as I was in the jungle gathering firewood and some green leaves for my cow and goat, I suddenly became unconscious. For almost a whole day, nobody came to help me. After some time, I regained my consciousness and somehow managed to make my way home. Subsequently, this happened repeatedly for a few years.

During that period, my husband took me to different hospitals in our region. But I could not be cured. So, we decided to visit different witch doctors and enchanters. They too could not help my condition. I almost lost my hope of living. I thought that I would die because of this condition. All my relatives and neighbours also had lost all hope for me. They believed that I would surely die.

Oddly, I remembered the Good News of the Gospel that a pastor had shared with me many times. He told me that if we accept Christ Jesus as our personal Saviour, then even if our bodies die, our souls will be saved for eternity. Therefore, as a last attempt to try to save my life, I asked my husband to call that pastor who shared the Gospel many times with us. When the man of God came to our house, he read the Bible and asked me to accept Christ Jesus as my personal Saviour to get eternal life in Christ Jesus as well as to receive His healing.

Finally, in 2019, I accepted and believed in the power of our Lord Jesus. Today, I am completely healed from my sickness. My family, relatives, and neighbours are surprised to see me in good health these days. Now, my husband has also accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. We are very happy that God has healed my sickness and has given us eternal life. Praise the Lord! We are now actively worshipping at Kushetar Outreach Point with evangelist Ashok Yakha. Please continue to pray for our family’s spiritual life. We continue to praise His holy name! Thank you!


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Dear Pramila, Thank you for your remarkable testimony of God's healing grace. Praise God for touching and transforming your life and that of your family too. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you well, body, soul and spirit. Let His Light shine in and through you for His glory. Amen

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