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God’s perfect timing

I grew up in Phrao with my grandmother and step-grandfather. My parents split up when I was two. My mother left me to find work in Bangkok and I did not see my father again, whom I heard was dead a year ago. Recently, I found out that my biological grandfather’s family was Christian. But after he died, my grandmother remarried into a non-believer family. Through God’s plan, though I come from a non-Christian family, I was sent to a Christian kindergarten and I was even allowed to join some activities at the local church in my village when foreign mission teams came.

In 2015, I met a missionary pastor from the Philippines who taught English at my high school. He was involved at the Little Candles Methodist Church, and invited me to join an English programme that he was teaching there. It was then that I got to know Pastor Apple and Pastor Daniel who always encouraged me about God’s love.

In December that year, the church hosted a mission team visiting from Australia, and invited me to attend an outreach programme in a small mountain village called Mae Van Noi. I brought two other friends along but we were late and missed the transport that would bring the team up to the mountain. However, even though I was not a Christian at that time, I still really wanted to go. It felt like a burden on my heart that I now realised was placed there by God. I prayed and challenged God to send someone to pick us up. Then suddenly I remembered an aunty who just moved to Mae Van Noi village where we wanted to go. I called and asked if she could drive down from the mountain to pick up my friends and me. It turned out that she herself was a Christian who had been concerned for my salvation, and was eager to fetch us so that I could have the opportunity to know Jesus. The drive to the village was over 40km in the dark through windy and dangerous roads that she was still unfamiliar with. Yet throughout the whole trip, I had this thought in my mind: God had brought me here to call back His lost little sheep.

I spent the next three days and two nights helping the mission team with their activities in the village and I was touched to see God’s work at hand. In the final morning, which happened to be 1 January 2016, I made a decision: I promised to obey God and never to be a lost sheep again. I prayed and received Jesus into my life that night. God’s perfect timing had brought me back to Him at the start of a new year.

Since that day, I hope that one day I will be able to bring my mother and my family back to God's love. My experience has taught me that the Lord will never falter in His commitment to His children. Even if others have abandoned us, we can find confidence in His promise that nothing will ever separate us from His love (Romans 8:35-39).

“Dear Father, thank You for Your never-failing presence in every aspect of my life. I count on Your promise never to abandon me. Please teach me to rest in that truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” Side note: Kant completed her Bachelor of Science at Mae Faluang University through a study scholarship provided to her from the Little Candles Methodist Church, where she has returned to serve.


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Dear Kant, I am greatly encouraged to read your powerful testimony of God's love and blessings in your life . Though it was challenging, you witnessed the Hand of God leading you all the way. Praise God for His Love and Goodness. May the Holy Spirit continue to enrich you as you serve and honor His Name in Phrao and wherever He sends you. Blessings to your family too. Shalom -PDL

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