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by Meng Juu, Member of The Third Place @ Odem, Cambodia.

Hello, my name is Meng Juu. I would like to share a short testimony to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I come from Steung Treng Province, Cambodia. I thank God that I come from a family that believes in Jesus Christ. I started to really know God when I was about 14 years old. I grew up in Sunday School and later, became a Sunday School teacher and a worship leader. I have received many blessings from the Lord.

However, as time passed, I started to be acquainted with the values of the world and society. I began to backslide. I got questions like “When I believe in Jesus Christ, can I still go to the temple?” and “When I believe in Jesus Christ, can I still befriend others who are non-believers?” Some people would say demeaning things about my Christian faith, and look down on me as a Christian. For about three years, I dared not go to church to worship God. Eventually, I left the Lord and the church.

In spite of that, during that time, I did not forget God at any one time. I continued to pray to God. I asked Him to help me because I had become like a lost child. I was like a sheep that has left the sheepfold and a sheep without a Shepherd. I kept praying for God’s help. Thank God that He really heard and answered my prayer. His love led me back to Him and the church, and back to when I belong - in my Father’s house. And the most awesome thing is that God has forgiven me and has even chosen me to serve Him.

Thanks be to God!

Finally, I want to encourage everyone: Although you may forget God, God never forgets you. Remember God, and pray to Him, for He will help you with whatever problems you may meet in your life.


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Dear Weng Juu, Thank you for your simple and yet powerful testimony of a Great Shepherd who does not forget us even when we have turned our hearts away from Him. indeed, thanks for encouraging us to focus on seeking Him as lambs or sheep of His fold. I pray that our Lord will deepen your love and trust in Him more and more each day, and that your joy will be full! And that the fullness of that joy will touch and transform the hearts of those @ Odem and beyond. Take care . Shalom.

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